Letters to the Editor

NC GOP ‘continues to disregard’ Wake County residents

Regarding “Lake cleanup measures again postponed” (May 31): I am appalled that the Republican majority in the NC General Assembly continues to play fast and loose with the health of the people of Wake County by continuing to block the remediation of Jordan and Falls Lake, from where our drinking water comes.

The Jordan Lake rules, if implemented years ago when they were developed, would have stopped the continuing polluting of Jordan Lake, thereby protecting the source of much of the county’s drinking water. By putting the rules on hold and trying to clean up Jordan Lake’s algae using silly “solar bee” water agitators and freshwater clams, the legislature delayed serious scientific efforts, allowing the lakes to become more polluted and thereby harder to clean up.

The Republican leadership continues to disregard the best interests of the people of Wake County.

Robert Trullinger



I have read editorials and opinion pieces on the NFL players’ anthem protests and the NFL owners’ reactions last week to those protests. I think most of these miss the point.

First, the NFL owners did not take the action they did last week out of patriotic pride or at the behest of President Trump. Quite simply they did it because these players’ protests have hurt the NFL brand and its bottom line. They took their actions out of greed.

Second, employees do not have freedom from consequence of their unfettered free speech in the workplace or in a public forum if their free speech injures their employers’ businesses. The First Amendment only guarantees that the government cannot restrict a citizen’s free speech.

Third, there can be consequences to taking controversial stands in public. The first amendment does not protect the speaker from those consequences as long as the government is not doling out those consequences. Just ask the Dixie Chicks.

Michael Maloney


Tariffs ‘ill-advised’

Regarding “Trump tariffs on US allies draw retaliation threats” (May 31): President Trump’s 10 percent tariff on aluminum and 25 percent tariff on steel imported into the United States from EU countries, Mexico and Canada are ill-advised.

More than 50 percent of the steel that Canada imports originates in the U.S. and Trump’s actions will have a chilling effect on steel production in the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, particularly in the districts that overwhelmingly supported Trump.

Trump’s action has already been countered with suggestions of retaliatory tariffs against the United States from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau .

The U.S.-Canada border is 5,525 miles long, nearly 3 times the length of the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump’s proposal to make Mexico pay for a wall that he conceived of and promoted during his presidential campaign is about as realistic as Trudeau suggesting the U.S. fund a northern border wall on Canadian soil. Eh?

Greg Bruhn


Spending ‘sanity’

Regarding “Triangle a contender for Army command center” (May 25): I question the plans for increased Army weaponry in light of today’s modern warfare. While the Army plans for “the development of new cannons, missiles, combat vehicles and other hardware ... leaders think they will need to maintain and advantage over countries such as China and Russia,” 21st-century warfare is increasingly cyber warfare, and even economic war.

The chances for a boots-on-the-ground war with China and Russia are remote and will divert precious taxpayer money for more useless weaponry that will just rust away – or worse yet, be sold as surplus to some country that should be spending funds on schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

Today’s ground wars are largely small-scale guerilla wars supplemented with air power. The cold war mindset of ever-increasing military spending has long been out of balance with the needs of our people.

Somehow, the perceived sanctity in our Constitution of “Defence” justifies Congress to spend like a drunken sailor on the military, but ignores the co-equal status in the Constitution of “the general Welfare,” which Republicans in Congress are always poised to cut. It’s time to put sanity back in our military spending.

Eleanor Kinnaird