Letters to the Editor

7/23 Letters: Not everyone has the same choices when it comes to healthcare.

We should have healthcare choices

The ideas in J. Peder Zane’s recent opinion piece (“NC Medicaid expansion would add to government dependence,” July 22) appear to be completely out of touch with the real world.

The notion of the individualistic, self-reliant, incredibly resourceful man with unlimited choice about everything, steadfastly providing all necessary things for his family is a wonderful myth. Our society has lots of problems that cannot be solved by individuals: health care, fire and police protection, quality public education and research, climate change, environmental protection and voter rights, just to name a few.

Medicare expansion is a simple, cost effective way to improve public health care; a decision that 37 states have already made. Money is not the problem. The GOP has given away plenty of legitimate state tax revenue (in the form of tax cuts) to corporations and rich individuals who do not need it.

The idea that Medicare expansion would lead North Carolina down the road to languid dependence is preposterous. No one wants to be dependent, but everyone wants to be healthy. And being healthy improves motivation, energy, perseverance – the exact attitudes that the Republican Party allegedly wants.

David Miller


Pedestrian safety a genuine problem

Monday’s article on pedestrian safety along Sunnybrook Road and other public streets (“Is Raleigh treating half its people like second-class citizens? Some renters think so,” July 22) deserved its banner headline treatment. Anna Johnson’s article identifies a genuine problem in a touching way, yet the meaning is greater than just having respect for tenant rights and needs.

Just as with single family houses, each apartment or office complex is real estate with an owner listed in public records. Those developments require investment, made subject to public permits and approvals, whether the tenant is residential or commercial. Of the development budget, cost of sidewalks is a tiny percentage.

Pedestrian safety is no less a public infrastructure planning and approvals concern than emergency services, water and sewer, or smoke/fire detection systems. Sidewalk interconnections should be required for every new development. Where existing developed real estate lacks pedestrian ways, municipalities should establish an assessment process by which walkways are built with the cost equitably charged back to landlords and homeowners, with payments spread over a reasonable period. The value accrues to all those owners and tenants, as well as to members of the larger community.

John Karakash


Greenville rally was a ray of hope

As expected, “The Board” gave us more anticipated malarkey when decrying the Greenville rally showing so many voting citizens in Trump’s corner (“Send her back: A dark reminder of who we are” July 19). The support of Trump drives liberals crazy, especially when liberals can’t draw the smallest of crowds. The chant of “send her back” was anything but a dark reminder. It was a ray of hope seeing the salt of the earth people expressing themselves.

I would love it if Nancy Pelosi was sent back to California to stay. Is that racist? Loving America and its ideals is a not sign of non-sophistication. Here is a direct quote and a lie. “The chant rose quickly from a handful of voices to a chorus of bigotry ... It was lock her up in a white hood. It was despicable.”

I’ll give you another “It was” … It was about time! I have never read a story of conservatives harassing Democrats while they ate in a public place or harassing a former governor on the streets of Charlotte. Unfortunately, I have read about liberals doing those things. That is “despicable.” Please lay off the word racist. Racist has been overworked and is trite.

M. Wayne Denning


The president is projecting again

The author is President of the Democratic Women of Wilson County:

President Trump is projecting again, accusing the “Squad” of hating America. He loves an America of the past, when minorities and the poor were suppressed. The socially conscious America of today threatens his power, his control, and most of all his ego.

The Squad doesn’t hate America, but I suspect they, as I, do hate the kind of America the president is working so hard to recreate. He may have jumped the shark in Greenville, which is further reinforced by his disavowal of the “send her back” chant. That, along with his blatant lie that he tried to stop it by talking quickly after it started, is the president’s typical effort to rewrite history, exonerate himself and correct his foolishness in thinking that there are more like him than there really are. Thank goodness, there are not.

Nancy Nichols Hawley