Letters to the Editor

Marjorie Budd: Fracking dangers

Regarding William H. Schlesinger’s June 11 Point of View “If only frackers used best practices”: Schlesinger says fracking may not be harmful if it is well-regulated but points out that North Carolina does not have strong regulations or the ability to monitor and enforce the regulations it has.

However, even if North Carolina had the best regulations and the strongest oversight, millions of us in the Triangle would still not be protected from the dangers of fracking. We face unique risks.

The important fracking area is in our backyard, the Sanford sub-basin in Lee and adjoining counties including Chatham, Durham, Moore and Wake. Jordan Lake, a major source of drinking water for hundreds of thousands of us, is in the middle of this fracking area. The fragile geology of the area makes it highly likely our drinking water would be contaminated for years to come.

Even more alarming, the Shearon-Harris Nuclear Power Plant, the nation’s largest repository of highly radioactive nuclear waste, is also in the fracking area and near a fault line. Fracking causes earthquakes, now documented in several states. A fracking-generated earthquake could unleash a nuclear disaster.

No one can move a water table or stop an earthquake with regulations. Fracking is dangerous for North Carolina.

Marjorie Budd