Letters to the Editor

Sig Hutchinson: No dampening bluegrass party in Raleigh

The world was watching Raleigh this weekend as artists from around the globe descended into our city for the International Bluegrass Music Association festival with inclement weather heading straight for us. But the City of Oaks would not hear of putting a wet blanket on our party as city staff, organizers and volunteers stepped up and turned five months of planning into a 36-hour redo.

The results were stunning. Everyone had a great time, and all we talked about was how Raleigh had turned lemons into lemonade.

Bluegrass is part of our DNA in Raleigh with a strong appreciation for the music and the artists, yet all these good times and memories happened this weekend as a result of a fast-acting, proactive city staff that stepped up to make the IBMA a huge success.

A special thanks needs to go to the City of Raleigh and the staff at the Raleigh Convention Center working with the partners of the IBMA for making this weekend so memorable.

Sig Hutchinson

Wake County commissioner