Letters to the Editor

Mike Reid: Do the math

In response to the Dec. 1 letter “Mass corporate exodus”: The top 20 percent of taxpayers control about 90 percent of the nation wealth so obviously paying only 80 percent of the taxes is more than generous. The free-range capitalist economy that President Reagan and the billionaire class began in 1980 has snowballed out of control to the point we are basically right back where we were in 1930. And who will be the Franklin D. Roosevelt who will give us the economic reset that we need and lead us out of this economic quagmire?

The media, both print and TV, have yet to show us a candidate who is even willing to mention the issue, much less address the issue. Here in North Carolina the next election may well hinge on people’s ability to perform simple math functions.

As for me, I did the math, I ran the numbers, and I came to the obvious conclusion that it no longer makes sense for me to vote for my own impoverishment. Let’s hope more people do their math this time around.

Mike Reid

Wake Forest