Letters to the Editor

Erv Thompson: UNC’s integrity

Regarding the Feb. 6 news article “UNC to hire chief integrity officer”: A chief integrity and policy officer at UNC-Chapel Hill? Has it come to that?

Sure, there have been a lot of problems at UNC-CH over the last several years, but does it really need an officer to oversee integrity? Is integrity so lacking that it needs someone to ride herd on it? And are the university’s policies in such a mess that it needs an officer to oversee them?

The SACS committee on colleges has recognized deficiencies in both integrity and policies and has placed the university on probation for a year. When the football team, a few years ago, appointed a “supervisor of morale,” everyone laughed it off as another dumb trick that coaches do.

But the thought of our state’s “flagship” university – or for that matter any reputable university – feeling a need for an integrity and policy officer boggles the mind.

Administrators seem to be confirming that there is a significant problem with integrity and policy at UNC-Chapel Hill. Maybe a chief integrity and policy officer is needed, but I suspect this may be a move to show SACS that the university is doing something to correct those deficiencies.

Erv Thompson