Letters to the Editor

Partha B. Howell: State workers take fall

Regarding the Feb. 5 Under the Dome item “State workers rip move to raise health cost”: Once again, lawmakers take aim at state employees, teachers and retirees. I don’t plan to take this lying down, and I hope all state employees feel the same.

When I began my state career in 1978, being a state employee meant something. I did not become a state employee to get rich, but to contribute in a small way to help make this the great state I have always loved and lived in my entire life.

I am so saddened by the political climate of my state. Our state has lost too many great teachers to other states because of the current antics of the General Assembly.

Now with the proposal to eliminate the 80/20 health plan and eliminating coverage for spouses, the State Health Plan is on its way to becoming the worst state health plan in the country, thanks to Gov. Pat McCrory and the N.C. General Assembly.

Partha B. Howell