Letters to the Editor

Hilda A. Highfill: Craft Dix goals first

The Jan. 30 Point of View “Our dreams for Dix” was chock full of great ideas and dreams for the yet-to-be Dorothea Dix park and a good start.

Among the excellent suggestions were to leave the trees and hills alone and add event space, sculptures, flower gardens especially native species, food trucks/concessions with tables, chairs and benches.

I am positive that our residents will offer up no end of ideas and suggestions for this potentially priceless, valuable treasure of a new park for Raleigh and indeed for the enjoyment of all North Carolinians. That is all the more reason for the planning to begin with the crafting of a statement of goals and objectives for this special place.

Among my suggestions would be to maximize the natural beauty of the space without its commercialization. This would help to ensure that those who visit the new park will be renewed and inspired by nature, fresh air and the out-of-doors, influences becoming more limited each day.

Hilda A. Highfill