Letters to the Editor

Jeff Sharp: UNC not setting good example to students

Regarding the latest travesty from the athletic and executive administration at UNC: It’s good to know hypocrisy is alive and well (“UNC lawyers question core of NCAA’s case,” Aug. 3 news article).

After committing 20 years of fraud that was a blatant attempt to cheat at athletics; after never-ending attempts to cover up, delay and avoid responsibility and just punishment; after throwing “expendable” employees under the bus while making every attempt to protect and preserve demonstrably far more guilty parties (and dishonorably obtained championships), UNC is now basing its entire case of the legal hair-splitting of the word “anomalous.”

As if the standard we should aspire for in our children we send to Chapel Hill is “we think we can weasel out on a technicality that won’t let you prove we are guilty in a strict legal sense.”

A more accurate depiction of “anomalous” would be finding a university official with a shred of honesty or integrity left. We knew they were unethical, now we know they are shameless as well.

Welcome to the University of Donald Trump at Chapel Hill. Can we have a new “flagship,” please?

Jeff Sharp