Letters to the Editor

Frank Hyman: Thwarting Jim Crow 2.0

Regarding the Aug. 18 news article “ ‘Party line changes’ urged to limit early voting hours”: We defeated Jim Crow laws decades ago. But are we now facing Jim Crow 2.0?

The director of the N.C. GOP sent emails encouraging Republicans to “make party line changes to early voting” that lead to vote suppression. The point of suppressing votes is to ensure that the GOP’s tyranny-of-the-minority policies continue to enrich the wealthy.

If just any citizen can show up and vote, how could Raleigh continue to cut taxes for billionaires? There’s no evidence of fraudulent voting, yet the GOP wants to limit black voters by ending Sunday early voting.

In addition, by opposing voting sites on campuses, perhaps Dallas Woodhouse and the GOP are implying that when they use the word “fraud” they mean that blacks and college students are fraudulent voters based on demographics.

Further, the GOP’s race-based redistricting turned a 50.6 percent Democratic majority in 2012 into a 9-4 GOP majority in U.S. House seats.

The point of Jim Crow then and Jim Crow 2.0 now is to ensure a tyranny-of-the-minority that serves the wealthy, by exploiting the fears and prejudices of stressed voters.

Frank Hyman