NC GOP Chairman Hayes: What’s at stake this election

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, right, greets NC GOP Chairman Robin Hayes during a Donald J. Trump for President Rally at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville on Sept. 6.
Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, right, greets NC GOP Chairman Robin Hayes during a Donald J. Trump for President Rally at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville on Sept. 6. ehyman@newsobserver.com

When our Founding Fathers completed the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the public impatiently gathered outside awaiting what kind of government the men inside would bestow upon them. When Benjamin Franklin emerged from the building, a woman anxiously asked him, “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” To which Franklin replied, “a republic, if you can keep it.”

Everything is at stake for this election – perhaps, the republic itself. Let me tell you why.

The next president of the United States will nominate the replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, and likely with more to come. In some respects, your vote for president is an indirect vote for the next 100 years of legal decisions to come out of the highest court in the land. In other words – your children and your children’s children will either suffer or thrive depending on which circle you fill on your ballot.

For those who find themselves still unsure of the Republican nominee Donald Trump, I hope the next 100 years of Supreme Court decisions will weigh soberly on your conscience. If Trump is not elected, Hillary Clinton will repeal the Hyde Amendment allowing abortions on demand (including late-term and partial-birth), Clinton will appoint justices who will use their extremist agenda to legislate from the bench and Clinton will ensure our constitutionally granted first liberty to live and work in accordance to our peacefully held beliefs will continue its dangerous trajectory toward death.

In no uncertain terms, our beautiful republic, which seeks to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is precariously in the balance of the Nov. 8 election.

North Carolina remains one of, if not the most, highly contentious swing state in the nation. In addition to the office of president, North Carolina remains one of five states which will determine whether or not the United States Senate remains in Republican control. While there are important distinctions and advantages of Republican ideology, the impact of Sen. Richard Burr’s re-election to the United States Senate may be the most vital to process and accountability of the republic.

The Senate confirms the President’s nominee(s) for the Supreme Court of the United States. Should Clinton be elected, Burr may be one of five people to whom the Constitution will turn to thwart Hillary Clinton’s radical nominee(s). Burr may be the fail safe for all of America. He is an experienced, wise, and effective leader — one who will rise to the vital call of preserving our republic through accountability and balance as our founders designed.

The republic’s last stand extends to North Carolina, too.

The decision for governor of North Carolina is between two very different individuals. The first is Gov. Pat McCrory, who has launched North Carolina to be the fastest growing economy in the nation, given historic teacher pay raises and has been the leader North Carolina needed throughout the horrific destruction of Hurricane Matthew. The second is Roy Cooper, who has failed to do his only job, ignored the oath of office he made to taxpayers and will leave the attorney general’s office as the most inept lawyer to ever hold his position in the history of our great state.

Cooper has failed to do his job to defend North Carolina against the Obama Administration’s frequent and egregious federal overreach. Cooper’s failures have caused the federal government’s unreasonable EPA regulations to hurt our largest industry, agriculture. Cooper’s failures have caused the U.S. Department of Justice to put every citizen at risk through their countless “royal decrees.”

For the republic to have a prayer of survival post Nov. 8, we must elect leaders with fortitude, strength and resolve like we see in Trump, Burr, McCrory, and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.

We must also think about the long-term implications of every circle we mark on our ballot. Will these decisions make our children more or less safe? Will the balance of powers in America be more or less likely to be preserved? Will our borders be more or less safe in the years to come? The vote you cast on your ballot impacts much more than just the next four years — the impact of your vote is exponential — and will change the course of America’s future for at least the next century. It is our republic, if we can keep it.

Robin Hayes is chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.