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Carolinian editor: Sutton’s ouster as school board chairman a stab to the back

Cash Michaels, editor and chief reporter for The Carolinian in Raleigh, offers up a blog post with his analysis of the ouster of Keith Sutton as chairman of the Wake County Board of Education. Interesting reading, to say the least.

An excerpt:

Members of the African-American community sat in shock and silence, not believing that the Democratic school board they had once worked so hard to elect in 2011, had just stabbed one of their best, brightest, and arguably most effective young leaders in the back right in front of them.

They would have been further shocked to know, according to sources, that some of the school board members even worried, amongst themselves, that black audience members would angrily react to what had just happened.

That did not happen.

Now ex-Chairman Keith Sutton, in a stated moment of defiant personal privilege, called on his strength as a Christian, and a black man, to proudly declare that as much as the board majority would like to rhetorically say otherwise, he had nothing to be ashamed of in his leadership.

“I hope I have served you and the community well, and made you proud,” Sutton stoically said, adding for those saddened by what they just saw, “Trust in God.”

The entire room – even the seven board colleagues who would not tell the public why they had just dumped perhaps the best school board chairman Wake County has ever had - stood and applauded.

Christine Kushner then took Sutton’s chairman seat, and read from a prepared statement…. calling for board unity.