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5 favorite things from my Facebook feed

One of the beauties of Facebook is that your friends become editors for you, choosing among the endless stories, videos and websites and sharing things that you often wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Here are five things that recently came through my Facebook feed that seemed worth sharing:

1) If you haven’t seen the ESPN piece from former Charlotte Observer columnist Tommy Tomlinson on Dean Smith’s life with dementia, you have missed a powerful, amazing, sad read. Find it here.

2) Raleigh showed up in the New York Times Travel section this week with a list of fun things to do in a 36-hour visit to the city. Stanbury restaurant, Kings live music venue and the Contemporary Art Museum make appearances. Read it here.

3) With a headline like “89 genius solutions to simple problems,” how could you not click it? Really, ingenuity is inspiring, and seeing the ways other people have managed to get their brains to find new ways to use old things is mind-boggling. Need to find a way to fill up a bucket in a sink that’s too shallow for the bucket? Did you know Doritos make great kindling? Find the list here.

4) Your get-out-the-tissues video: An Ohio boy finds a $20 bill and decides to give it to a soldier he sees in a Cracker Barrel. He includes a note: “My dad was a soldier. He’s in heaven now.” It just gets better from there. Find the CBS Evening News report of the story here.

5) And just for laughs, check out this post-Oscar fun from former WNCN anchor Penn Holderness and his family. Their nod to John Travolta’s mangling of Idina Menzel’s name is especially priceless. Watch the video here.