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5 finds in a Facebook feed

One of the beauties of Facebook is that your friends become editors for you, choosing among the endless stories, videos and websites and sharing things that you often wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Here are five favorite things I saw today:

1) Absolutely love the idea in this article from the Atlantic: “Exchanging a blanket for a Code Blue: How some hospitals are prioritizing comfort and connection at the end of life.” An excerpt: “This was a new kind of cart that is being implemented at a number of hospitals across the country: the comfort cart. Unlike the crash cart, it does not contain a cardiac defibrillator, endotracheal tubes, or powerful medications such as epinephrine and dopamine. Instead it contains much lower-tech but nonetheless powerful items, including music, scriptures in various faith traditions, and a variety of homemade “love” blankets. For the patient’s family, it also includes information on grief, the dying process, and lists of area support groups, funeral homes, and community assistance programs for burial. Finally, it contains a plaster kit for making a cast of the dying patient’s hand.” Read it here.

2) Cool science find: In Lima, Peru, is a billboard that captures water from the air humidity (98 percent there) and converts it into drinking water for the parched residents. Find a video explaining it here.

3) Offered without comment: George Zimmerman autographs photos of himself at a Florida gun show, which was moved at least once because of negative feedback. Watch a TV news report here.

4) This story on the front page of the New York Times today under the headline “In a Native American sport, a family’s giant leap” was just a really interesting read on culture, community and lacrosse in New York.

5) Your feel-good story of the day: An Indiana teenager walks 10 miles in the snow to a job interview, impressing the man who gives him directions enough that something magical happens. Watch it here.