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Community conversations: NC GOP and Gene Nichol

John Uhrick No wonder the GOP GA and the Gov hate this guy; he just tells the truth.

Bruce Lightner UNC right wingers had hoped to silence Nichol by closing down his shop. In doing so, they actually gave Dr. Nichol more freedom to express his views. Which by the way, speak the truth. There are thousands upon thousands of us in North Carolina who value Nichol’s contributions.

Lee Mortimer The sound and fury may go on and on. But none of this can change until and unless there is meaningful redistricting reform.

Alan Dante About Rep. Pat McElraft‘s comment concerning her anti-abortion bill: “When we can have a few more little taxpayers, why not?” Exactly how does she know that we wouldn’t just end up with more little welfare recipients and prison inmates instead??

Michael Zsitnyar “Better to leave them lying in the parking lot outside the emergency room” – Gene Nichol. This is the kind of over-the-top, hateful, mean-spirited, leftist hyperbole that makes anything Nichol writes not even worthy of wrapping fish in or lining the birdcage. Just more attacking conservatives and Republicans ... nothing new here.

Wayne Uber All I see here is Nichol setting himself up for more dismissal. His piece is chocked full of anger, sarcasm and very little in terms of constructive suggestions that have efficacy. Instead of grandstanding, issuing public appraisals or triggering defensive behaviors, he should adopt a less antagonistic approach. Perhaps he should look up the term “completed staff work” and consider crafting opinions that might be more seriously considered not just by like-minded readers but by legislators in both major parties.

Christi Hayes “Political language ... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”– George Orwell

Tom Blazejack Politics consists of the whole universe of individual public policy issues. Wrapping oneself in the mantel of “liberalism” or “conservatism” or, worse, applying those labels to debate adversaries is a dangerous form of lazy thinking that risks wider corruption. How can anyone think that redistributing sales tax is a “conservative” proposal? How can anyone square manipulating Raleigh elections with conservative principles of local control. This state is not run by conservatives. It is run by Republicans who are beholden to big campaign donors. We need to address issues – not red and blue teams.

Wil Colvin Liberalism is destroying the country, plain and simple. Time to vote out the progressives (or communists or Marxists or Democrats) and bring America back to her greatness.

Monica Ayres Kooger All this legislation that promotes their anti-abortion agenda and not the right to choose – if an unwanted child is born, do they promise to help raise that child? No, first laws passed when power was corralled was to cut food stamps, unemployment, unemployment compensation, services for the poor and Medicaid. You make a woman have an unwanted child, you need to “own it” just the way Colin Powell said we have to “own” Iraq after our disastrous invasion.

David Bruggeman Save the spotted owl or the horned frog, but kill a human life makes perfect sense to me. “Own” the responsibility of the pregnancy!

Marshall Seay The Republican voter base would more than hold their own with regards to level of education. What you call “progressive” may indeed be “regressive” in much ideological thought. This choice of words may work in manipulating college kids, but kids mature, and thank God so many people have realized the seriousness of not voting. NC is conservative, heart, soul and body. It is now, increasingly, conservative politically.

Ken Coit The oligarchs are having their way with us, one issue and one state at a time.

Liz Mercer Machiavelli would have been proud of them

Mark J. Prak Untruthfulness in politics is often in the eye of the beholder. For anyone speaking for or associated with UNC-CH, least of all Gene Nichol, to presume to lecture anyone else about untruthfulness and mendacity is truly rich. UNC has been lying, cheating and prostituting itself for 20 some years now. Where’s Gene Nichol been? I guess you lefties pine for the days of Mike Easley, Bev Perdue and Joe Hackney. They were really terrific, weren’t they?

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What The April 19 Point of View by Gene Nichol ‘Governing by mendacity in North Carolina”

Excerpt “New ‘religious freedom’ bills supposedly have nothing to do with discriminating against lesbians and gay men. Medicaid can’t be expanded because we cannot, in good conscience, put new people into a ‘broken system.’ Better to leave them lying in the parking lot outside the emergency room. A hyper-partisan voting bill, suppressing Democratic-leaning voters at every turn, is just ‘a commonsense measure’ ensuring electoral integrity. No matter how inaccurate, just keep repeating the mantra. Eventually folks will stop asking questions. I understand that North Carolina has undergone an ideological sea change over the last three years. But what political philosophy not only embraces, but apparently requires, such government by mendacity?”