Sports Buzz: Sounding off on Jake

Anonymous comments posted online at from our readers about Panthers' quarterback Jake Delhomme:

Jake doesn't need to throw for 300 yards and three TDs to be the good Jake. If he manages the game well and we sneak out of Atlanta with a win, that might not satisfy the Delhomme haters, but he'll have done the job.

He may show up at any time and have a good game, but he's every bit as likely to show up and destroy all hopes of winning ... He's either completely on or completely off. The range of his possible performance is a distraction and his "off" days can't be carried by the rest of the team.

I think Jake really is a great person, honest, genuine ... I really do. Name the stadium after him, make him mayor - but please people get us a quarterback.

The guy has a winner's spirit and I reject the notion that he's done.

Here's the better question no matter who is behind center ... Do we have an O-line that is actually blocking? I sure didn't see it on Sunday!

Any real Panthers fan could not throw Delhomme out. Two reasons; Fox does know how to win - if he believes Jake still has it, then Jake still has it.

I am a huge Panthers fan, and I will not change my loyalty because of Jake's mistakes, but I won't be watching any Panthers games if he continues to make me sick like he did Sunday

Carolina was not prepared to play the Eagles in this game with any QB on the roster. Jake is just catching the blame for the failures of the other players and the coaches.