Will Rick Pitino vacate his tattoo of Louisville’s 2013 title? Twitter wants to know.

Tattoos tend to fade with time, but some lose their luster earlier than others.

Former Louisville men’s basketball head coach Rick Pitino likely knows that as well as anyone right now.

Pitino got a tattoo on his back marking the 2013 Cardinals’ 35-5 season and 82-76 NCAA championship win over Michigan. That decision was soured Tuesday, when an NCAA appeals committee ruled that the Louisville program must vacate several seasons worth of wins during the 2011-12 through 2014-15 seasons – including its 2013 title – as part of a ruling on a sex scandal at the university.

Kenny Klein, senior associate athletic director at the University of Louisville, first shared an image of the tattoo on April 26, 2013.

“Louisville coach Rick Pitino follows through on his promise to his team to get a tattoo,” Klein wrote.

The internet didn’t forget the tattoo, despite it being nearly five years old.

Many posted on Twitter Tuesday, wanting to know if the NCAA would require Pitino to remove the tattoo, like it did the university’s national title from history books.

Pitino, along with Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich, was fired from the university in September amid an FBI investigation into college basketball pay-to-play schemes. Pitino was not charged criminally in the investigation.

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