Henderson a pro

A sure sign of intelligence is knowing what you don't know. Gerald Henderson gets that.

"With my game, there are so many things to work on. And I'm ready to work on them," the Charlotte Bobcats' lottery pick said. "I know I'll put the work in. I know the way to be a pro."

That's partially because he has been around so many of them. His father, also named Gerald, played in the NBA. One of his best friends from high school is the son of Randy Ayers, an NBA assistant. That allowed Henderson to watch Philadelphia 76ers practices as a kid.

And it's hard to play three seasons at Duke without running into few pro basketball players.

So he promises he'll be ready, and he needs to be -- the Bobcats drafted him, in part, because they need a reliable backup to Raja Bell at shooting guard. Henderson has every chance to be a rotation player immediately.

The most obvious thing for Henderson to improve is his shooting range. He shot 33 percent from the college 3-point line, and that won't cut it in the NBA.

"I'll improve on it, no question," Henderson said. "My shooting will be fine."

At No. 12, Henderson went right in the middle of the range he anticipated. He said he had a chance to go eighth -- to the New York Knicks -- and had been assured by the Chicago Bulls that they would have chosen him if he lasted to No. 16.

The Bobcats were quite surprised that Xavier forward Derrick Brown was available to them with the 40th pick. General manager Rod Higgins said the team had Brown ranked 20th.

Brown played mostly on the perimeter at Xavier, so he figures to be primarily a small forward. That's not a position of particular need for the Bobcats, but they saw his value as too high to pass up.

Was Brown surprised to last 10 picks into the second round?

"A little bit, but you can only control what you do," he said Friday. "I'll have a little chip on my shoulder" after lasting so long.

The Bobcats liked Brown enough to bring him in for two workouts. The second of those was the last of his 19 auditions in an exhausting month.

Brown said he never let all those workouts wear him out.

"They don't really care what you did the day before or the day before that," Brown said of the various tryouts. "You've got to be ready, whether you're [running on] fumes or no fumes."

The NBA announced late Thursday that the Bobcats sold the second of their two second-round picks to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Bobcats chose Alabama-Birmingham's Robert Vaden on the Thunder's behalf.