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Mike Krzyzewski, Grayson Allen respond to ACC reprimand

After Duke’s 76-62 loss at Pittsburgh, both Grayson Allen and Mike Krzyzewski were asked about the reprimand the ACC issued Allen for tripping Florida State’s Xavier Rathan-Mayes Thursday night.

“For me, it’s just being smart,” sophomore guard Allen said. “I’ve had to be smart all season. Obviously I made a mistake. I messed up, and I wish I wouldn’t have. But for us as a team, we have to move on. For me as a person, I can’t let it affect how physical I play. But I just can’t make stupid plays like I did.”

Krzyzewski added his thoughts in his postgame press conference.

“We were proactive with that,” he said. “I called the ACC the morning after the game and told them that I had talked to (FSU coach) Leonard Hamilton. After I saw the thing, I brought Grayson in that night and talked to him. I told the ACC, this is what we’ve done, you tell us what to do. In his case, look, if anything was called, it would be a flagrant-1. And so, all this suspension thing and that, look – I would not suspend any player for what would be a flagrant-1. What he got was the stiffest reprimand a player has gotten in our conference this year. There have been other guys who have hit people and whatever, and no reprimand. I’m not knocking our conference. I’m just saying I thought they took action. And then you have to move on. The world doesn’t move on because it’s Duke. So we have to live with that. I thought we handled it the way we should. And we need to move on.”

When asked about his calling it the “stiffest reprimand” as a modifier, Krzyzewski clarified.

“Because it was the only one,” he said. “I could say it’s the softest reprimand. I could say it’s just a reprimand that’s neutral. It’s whatever adjective you would like to use for reprimand, you can use. It’s the only one. So the ACC came down and disciplined. And so be it.”

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