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Do lions eat wounded prey? Speech given to NC State football team ‘fact checked’

A screenshot of a tweet by Bum Chillups.
A screenshot of a tweet by Bum Chillups.

Sportswriter Spencer Hall, who’s a “featured contributor” for SBNation and tweets under the name “Bum Chillups,” tweeted on Monday about a speech given by inspirational speaker Eric Thomas to the N.C. State football team in August 2014.

In his tweet, Hall said that he was going to “fact check inspirational speeches for accuracy,” then tweeted about parts of the Thomas speech.

During the speech, Thomas, wearing a 1Pack1Goal T-shirt and N.C. State hat, used an anecdote comparing lions stalking prey to the process of winning to the Wolfpack team.

“Everybody has tattoos of lions, they’re tweeting out ‘roar!,’” Thomas said. “When it’s time to practice you’re not ‘beast-mode.’ When it’s time to watch film you’re not ‘beast-mode.’ Everybody thinks a lion is who he is because of how ferocious he is when he’s catching that gazelle or that zebra.”

Then Thomas asked the players if they knew what happens when lions see prey that’s already wounded. He told them they leave the prey alone because they like the thrill of the hunt. He said the lions listen to the gazelles and then plan. They like seeing the gazelles run, Thomas said.

In his “fact check” of Thomas’ speech, Hall tweeted: “Actually coach lions eat wounded prey all the time, now let’s go out there and run right at their injured linebacker 40 times.”

Thomas in his speech went on to challenge the N.C. State players.

“Some of you all just want to score, you don’t like the process,” Thomas said. “You’re not in love with the process. You just love to put on the pads on, you love when it’s ‘showtime.’ You can’t start until your people (family, friends) are there.

“A real man is in the dark, when nobody’s watching, he’s putting in the work. A real man, when the coach isn’t watching, is studying film on his own because he loves the process. Nobody’s gonna hand you a championship.”

Hall tweeted: “Lions respect matchups which is why they eat babies all the time, QB let’s throw deep balls at that freshman DB until he cries.”

Thomas was brought in during training camp by coach Dave Doeren after the Pack suffered through a 3-9 record during his first season in 2013.

“He’s a really fiery guy,” Doeren said at the time. “He was a homeless kid that dropped out of high school, lived in abandoned buildings and ate out of trash cans for two years.”

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