North Carolina

Reaction to the Wainstein report

“We want to be the best university that we can possibly be, and this will allow us to do it. We’re pleased to have gotten to this point, we’re pleased to have learned and we’re pleased to be moving forward.”

Lowry Caudill, chairman of UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees

“In reading through the report, I think a lot of us had the sense that this sort of thing just couldn’t happen at Carolina. It’s not the Carolina I know, it’s not the Carolina I’ve experienced.”

Andrew Powell, student body president

“This is a very difficult day for everyone in the university community. The way I would describe it is very sad and devastating, but also extremely important. What we have learned is painful and difficult. However, steps are being taken to ensure that we are fulfilling our obligation as an institution to the students, to ourselves as faculty, to the community, to the citizens of the state.’”

Bruce Cairns, chair of the faculty

“On behalf of the university, I want to apologize first to the students. They trusted us with their education and they took these courses. I say to the students that you deserved so much better from your university, and I believe we will do everything in our power to make it right.”

Carol Folt, chancellor

“I’m more concerned about doing the right thing now than focusing on punishing people.”

Michael Kosorok, professor and chairman of the biostatistics department

“It’s about erosion of trust. That’s hard to rebuild.”

Kim Strom-Gottfried, professor in the school of social work

“The finding of academic fraud is a disturbing reminder of what can happen, even at our flagship university, when we misplace priorities and have a lack of oversight.”

Pat McCrory, governor

“Really? A paper class system for eligibility? NO WAY.”

Mary Willingham, @paperclassinc, on Twitter

“Among many victims of #UNC academic scandal: AFAM studies. Whole field (already seen as suspect by many) tarred by massive fraud of a few.”

Peter Bonilla, @pebonilla, on Twitter

“As frustrating as the entire thing is, I’m proud of how this #UNC administration has tried to fix things and move forward.”

Joey Powell, @joey_powell, on Twitter

“Every D-1 school in the country is glad the report is about #UNC and not them. They avoid bad PR & get a look at how to avoid being caught.”

Jeff Moore, @jeffmoore09, on Twitter

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