North Carolina

Psycho T does Charlotte

Would anyone be surprised if Charlotte took Tyler Hansbrough with the 12th pick in the NBA Draft?

Sure, that's higher than most projections for the ACC's career leading scorer, and the Bobcats have other needs, but we're talking about the Tar Cats (or is it Bob Heels?).

Even before dyed-in-the-wool baby blues Larry Brown and Michael Jordan became the floundering Bobcats' braintrust, Charlotte had a yen for Heels and certainly had no problem overvaluing them (Sean May at 13 anyone?).

So Psycho T's visit to Charlotte is par for the course.

What is surprising is Hansbrough's latent surliness with the draft process. At the combine, he basically told teams, via Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer, to grab some film because his workouts would be limited.

On Wednesday, Hansbrough bristled at the "hard worker" label.

Easy, Big Fella. The draft process is designed to expose faults. For whatever reason, NBA teams are more interested in what you can do than what you have done.

And being a hard worker is not an insult. But let's not get carried away with the "I've expanded my game" rhetoric.

Hansbrough's a fantastic free-throw shooter, can rebound and run the floor. But he's not going to be Kevin Garnett — a power forward who can face the basket and shoot and block shots. Be who you are, T, and that's going to be enough for a long, successful career.