North Carolina

UNC student in Grayson Allen jersey shows off his tripping skills in video

Successful politicians rally their base to garner votes, and one UNC Chapel Hill student hopes he has found a winning strategy — dressing up as Duke basketball star Grayson Allen and pretending to trip people.

Joe Nail, a sophomore and candidate for student body president at the University of North Carolina campus, dressed as Allen recently and ran around campus pretending to trip people in a video. He released the video, described as “secret footage,” on YouTube Wednesday, a day before the Thursday night showdown between Duke and UNC in Durham, where the Blue Devils prevailed 86-78.

The real Allen played a major role in the game, scoring 25 points before fouling out in the final moments. Allen served a one game suspension this year for tripping Elon’s Steven Santa Ana, and did it twice last year.

Nail is one of six candidates running for student body president, and he appears in the video dressed in Allen’s No. 3 jersey. Nail, as Allen, says he likes to go around campus before games to try new tripping techniques.

The video had garnered more than 31,000 views by Friday morning.

The Allen imposter also says in the video that he loves theater and was promised by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski in high school that he could be one of the Duke basketball “actors,” like former stars J.J. Redick and Christian Laettner — who are seen as ACC villains by many UNC fans.

“I had a coach that believed in me,” Nail says in the video. “I had a place where, you know, I could trip and act and play all at the same time.”

Whether the video wins Nail votes remains to be seen. Student body elections had been set to take place Feb. 14 but have been put on hold, according to the on-campus paper The Daily Tar Heel.

Current student body president Bradley Opere must appoint at least two Board of Elections members before ballots can be cast, the paper said.

The board is charged with scheduling the election, certifying that candidates have gathered required signatures to appear on the ballot and hearing disciplinary complaints.

Nail faces a complaint of his own and could be disciplined or disqualified from the election, the DTH reports. The Nail campaign is accused of sending unsolicited emails and recruitment during its bid.