North Carolina

Ceiling. Roof. Banner. Tar Heel fans never doubted Michael Jordan

There will be no crying Jordan today.

No, today is reserved for that other Jordanism. You know, the one that didn’t make much sense when it came tumbling out of No. 23’s mouth a month ago. He was at the Smith Center, at halftime of the UNC-Duke game, promoting an apparel deal with the UNC football team.

He said: “The ceiling is the roof.”

Well, that slightly embarrassing malapropism is now emblazoned everywhere, including hot-off-the-press championship T-shirts that say: “Ceiling. Roof. Banner.”

Turns out, Michael Jordan knew what he was talking about all along.

And he had a little fun with it in the wee hours of Monday after North Carolina had clinched its sixth NCAA national championship with a win over Gonzaga.

The @Jumpman23 account tweeted a photo of UNC’s Joel Berry II along with this: “Ceiling. Roof.” and an emoji of a gold trophy.

Berry, the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player, was only happy to retweet the GOAT (“Greatest Of All Time,” as some fans call Jordan).

It’s pretty clear that Jordan’s original statement probably meant “The sky is the limit.” Or something like that.

But no matter. Tar Heel nation completely embraced “The ceiling is the roof.” The band created shirts with the phrase. Coach Roy Williams said: “He’s Michael Jordan, anything he dadgum wants to say is OK with me.”

So 35 years after Michael Jordan helped lead Carolina to a national title, he has created a mantra that will live on, at least until the next championship.

Jane Stancill: 919-829-4559, @janestancill