North Carolina

UNC to submit response to NOA on Aug. 1

UNC-Chapel Hill will respond to the NCAA’s amended Notice of Allegations on Aug. 1 and will release that response publicly on Aug. 2, the university announced on Friday.

The Aug. 1 response date is one week later than the original July 25 due date. The university requested an additional week and the NCAA approved that request.

The delay does not change anything associated with the amended Notice of Allegations (NOA). The university did not submit new information to the NCAA, as had been the case in August 2015 when UNC was days away from the deadline to respond to the first NOA.

The NCAA Enforcement Staff during the summer of 2014 began investigating a long-running scheme of suspect African and Afro-American Studies courses. The classes didn’t meet, featured little to no instruction, required only a single paper and were filled with a disproportionate number of athletes.

The NCAA sent its first NOA to UNC in May 2015. It referenced the men’s basketball and football programs as having benefited from the scheme of suspect classes. In the amended NOA, which UNC received on April 25, the references to men’s basketball and football were removed.

Universities and individuals named in an NOA have 90 days to respond to it.

The NCAA Enforcement Staff has charged UNC with committing five Level I violations – the most serious kind in an NCAA infractions case. Among the charges facing UNC are a lack of institutional control and a failure to monitor.

UNC’s response will be another step in a long process. After the response, the NCAA will eventually set a date for UNC to appear before the NCAA Committee on Infractions, which serves as a the judge and jury in major NCAA infractions cases.

Then, months after that appearance, the committee on infractions will issue a final ruling, which will include the penalties that UNC faces. It’s unlikely that the case concludes before 2017.