North Carolina

What they’re saying about UNC’s response on Twitter

The amended NOA reeked of, “Well, this all looked pretty bad so we have to charge them with something, I guess.” UNC exposing weaknesses.

UNC beat writer Andrew Carter @_andrewcarter

Meanwhile, UNC is setting up a fight for the soul and entire usefulness of the NCAA.

Dan Wolken writes for USA Today, @DanWolken

We’ve seen the same cycles play out with Penn State, USC, Miami. Most have been successful at peeling back the NCAA sanctions over time.

Kyle Goon writes for The Salt Lake Tribune, @kylegoon

UNC has gone from enabling largest academic fraud case in history to being at war with NCAA enforcement. Looks like UNC will “win.”

Dennis Dodd writes for, @dennisdoddcbs

This is what I was expecting from #UNC: if there can be serious NCAA reform for athletes from this scandal, it’ll all be worth it.

Joey Powell @Joey_Powell

UNC essentially arguing b/c fake courses available to entire student body, they are not an NCAA issue. Refuting two biggest charges

Dana O’Neil is an ESPN reporter, @ESPNDanaOneil

Talk about hubris. UNC’s response to NCAA academic allegations in a nutshell: Not fair. You don’t have jurisdiction.

Stewart Mandel writes for Fox Sports and FS1, @slmandel

There is going to be outrage that the University of North Carolina dares to defend itself. More outrage that it does it well.

Turner Walston, @Turner Walston

The #UNC response to the Amended NOA has pretty sound reasoning, if (really big if) the NCAA decides to play by its own rules

Maxwell L. Gregson, @MaxwellGregson