Roy Williams calls Wallace Loh a 'double idiot' after death penalty comment

North Carolina coach Roy Williams went on SiriusXM’s College Sports Nation on Wednesday morning, and he was asked about Wallace Loh’s recent “death penalty” comment.

Loh is the University of Maryland president who recently said that he “would think” that the NCAA would levy the so-called “death penalty” against UNC. Williams did not take kindly to that.

Here’s what Williams said in response during his appearance on SiriusXM:

“And then we have a president that says we should get the death penalty. A president of another University. I mean to me that’s just so silly. A guy told me one time, ‘You can get a little knowledge and it turns you into an idiot, but no knowledge you’re a double idiot.’

“And that’s about the way I look at that thing.”

And so there you have it: a “double idiot” out of Williams. Some of Williams’ expressions have long become a part of his Ol’ Roy persona: “dadgum” and “blankety-blank” and “tough little nut” and “little rascal” and on and on. And now “double idiot.” A new addition to the lexicon.

Williams went on to say during the interview that UNC’s recent national championship victory was “especially satisfying, in a lot of different ways” – one of them being that it came amid the turmoil that has surrounded his program in recent years.

Williams, in his 14th season as UNC’s head coach, has often defended his program amid an NCAA investigation into what extent bogus African Studies courses benefited athletes, including men’s basketball players, over a range of years. Williams has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

He again received questions about the investigation during UNC’s recent appearance in the Final Four. Asked then how much concern he had for enduring significant NCAA sanctions, Williams said, “Not a lot.”

“And the reason I say that is because my firm belief that we did nothing wrong,” he said. “Okay. And that’s just the best way to put it. Were there some mistakes made? You’re darned right there were. Were there some things I wish hadn’t happened? You’re darned right. But there were no allegations against men’s basketball. So I’ve sort of hung my hat on that part, and I know we did nothing wrong.”

Loh’s “death penalty” comment, which he made last week during a university senate meeting, was the first time a leader of a major university had publicly shared such a strong statement about UNC’s NCAA investigation. The so-called death penalty is not seen as a likely outcome in NCAA infractions cases, regardless of the severity of violations.

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