UNC-Kentucky basketball alumni game set

North Carolina's on-again, off-again series against Kentucky will take a break this coming college basketball season. But alumni from the two schools will play in a charity game at Kentucky's Rupp Arena on Sept. 13, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

The game, according to the newspaper, is open to players from both schools who are either playing professionally or who have played professionally. Tickets will range from $5 to $100. Maybe this is enough to inspire an early-50s Michael Jordan to come out retirement one last time. (Though probably not.)

It's unclear who will be playing in the game. Though it’s not limited to current or former NBA players -- anyone who is playing professionally, or who has played professionally, is eligible -- Kentucky's press release, according to the Courier-Journal, said NBA rules preclude it from confirming participants. There's no shortage of potential players, though.

Seventeen UNC alums played in the NBA last season, while 18 former Kentucky players did the same. A similarly slim margin separates the schools when it comes to all-time NBA players. Kentucky has had 85 and UNC 83.

The name of the game is points, though (well actually it's “basketball,” but you get the point), and UNC's NBA alums hold a commanding scoring lead over Kentucky's NBA players. In the ongoing mythical competition between the schools, UNC's NBA players lead 391,573-266,642.

So even if Kentucky's younger NBA players do a number on UNC on Sept. 13 – what will Team UNC do against Anthony Davis, if he decides to play? – the Tar Heels can always point to the overall scoreboard, where they'll walk out of Rupp still leading by about 125,000 or so.