UNC guard Marcus Paige rejects Duke hair comparison

Sometimes in this space I write about important things, meaningful things, serious things. Sometimes, though, I write about things like Marcus Paige’s hair.

Have you seen it lately? He’s growing it out a little bit and, yes, Paige, the North Carolina senior guard, has heard the comparisons.

“People tweet at me all the time,” he said with a small laugh on Monday at UNC’s annual basketball media day.

What do they tweet? He went on.

“Like, you got the Duke starting five haircut,” Paige said, repeating the gist of what people have been saying to him for a while now on Twitter.

It just so happens that several Duke players last season wore their hair a certain way. A little bit longer up top, shorter on the sides. It became a noticeable thing.

And now here Paige is with a similar look.

“Yeah,” he said. “But my thing is like are they the only people that have ever grown their hair out?”

He probably has a point. It can’t possibly be true that Duke players started that hairstyle.

“Like, I mean – you look in the NBA, you look all across America right now, everyone grows their hair out,” Paige said.

Well, not everyone. For example: I recently went with a much shorter cut myself. (Note: I am not in the NBA.) And there are probably some other people out there who also haven’t been growing their out.

But Paige is probably onto something: his look seems to be in. And not necessarily unique to the guys who led Duke to a national championship last season.

“So if I decide to grow my hair out,” Paige said. “I’m pretty sure it’s independent of what the people down the road do.”

Emphasis on the ’do.

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