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Videos: Nearly naked Davidson fan causes VCU free throw misses, gets kicked out

Davidson junior Luke Burton, a swimmer at the school who recently set an Atlantic 10 record in the 200-yard backstroke, caused an uproar in the stands Thursday night when he stripped down to a Speedo during several Virginia Commonwealth free throw attempts.

VCU missed five of its seven free throw attempts with Burton as a distraction.

Burton’s suit was a Speedo designed to look like a tuxedo. Burton called it a “Tux-pedo,” paired it with a Santa hat and said it was “obvious that VCU couldn’t handle it.”

A policeman told Burton he had to leave late in the first half. The policeman was roundly booed, and Burton kept performing for awhile until the policeman insisted he leave.

Burton drew a standing ovation as he was escorted out of the building.

“They told me I could come back if I kept my clothes on,” said Burton, who is from Kennesaw, Ga. “But I think I’m going to watch the rest of it on TV.”

Burton was one of several Davidson swimmers and divers who stripped down to Speedos during an earlier Davidson home game. He said all of his other compatriots were on spring break. “So I’m the lone wolf this time,” Burton said.

The video: