Grayson Murray says he’ll buy car for man whose wife had brain surgery

Raleigh’s own PGA Rookie Grayson Murray said on Twitter that he would buy a man whose wife had brain surgery a car if his tweet got 10,000 retweets.

“I’ve seen your post about your wife and her brain surgery,” Murray wrote. “No one should go through that. I’ll buy you guys a new car if this gets 10k RTs.”

Murray’s tweet, posted Saturday at about 10 p.m. had been retweeted nearly 14,000 times by about noon on Sunday.

The Twitter user who goes by the handle @IndianaGolfPro and tweeted at Murray asking for help with a down payment on a car for his wife. He said his wife has Trigeminal Neuralgia and Occipital Neuralgia, to which he said there is no cure, though she’s undergone what he described as a possible failed brain surgery.

“We have been in and out of the ER at least 50 times in the last 2-3 years,” he wrote. “I pray every day that they will find a cure.”

“Speechless still at the opportunity that God and Grayson Murray has given us,” the Twitter user wrote. “We live one day at a time and paycheck to paycheck. It’s such a blessing to know there are still great and amazing people in this world.”

Murray later tweeted in response to criticism about his offer – some claimed he had done it for attention.

“Whoever tweeted at me saying I did this for attention, you are being blocked,” he wrote. “It’s sad some people can’t see the good in things anymore.”

Murray, 23, attended Wake Forest University, East Carolina, UNC Greensboro and Arizona State and earned a PGA Tour card for 2017. Murray did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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