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NCHSAA girls basketball playoffs, 2017

Southeast Raleigh's Jada McMillian brings the ball up court against Heritage during the girls basketball game, which was played in Raleigh on Saturday, November 26, 2016.
Southeast Raleigh's Jada McMillian brings the ball up court against Heritage during the girls basketball game, which was played in Raleigh on Saturday, November 26, 2016. newsobserver.com

Below, we have scores and links our round-by-round coverage of the N.C. High School Athletic Association girls basketball playoffs.

Southeast Raleigh finished runner-up in the 4A state championship while Millbrook (4A) and Roxboro Community (1A) fell in the East regional finals.

Teams’ seeding is noted by: Overall seed(subregional seed)-School.

Note: Matchups are listed from top to bottom as they appear on the bracket. The “/” divides the brackets into fourths and “//” divides the brackets into top and bottom halfs. The winner of each four sectionals will play at either the highest seed remaining or a neutral court. The two winners of each bracket half played at either Fayetteville State or Methodist University.

▪ First-round recaps.

▪ Second-round recaps.

▪ Third-round recaps.


Note: Pinecrest was the 12MW (26th overall) seed in the West region and lost 64-56 to 9th overall seed Mooresville in the first round.

1st round (Tue. Feb. 21): 1(1E)-Southeast Raleigh (won 76-26) vs 32(16ME)-Person; 16(8ME)-Jordan vs 17(9E)-East Wake (won 87-79, OT); 7(4ME)-E.E. Smith (won 64-59) vs 26(13E)-D.H. Conley; 9(5E)-Heritage (won 72-55) vs 23(12ME)-Panther Creek / 5(2ME)-Hillside (won 58-33) vs 29(15E)-J.H. Rose; 12(7E)-Knightdale (won 49-44) vs 10ME-South View; 4(3E)-New Hanover (won 51-34) vs 28(14ME)-Riverside; 13(6ME)-Apex (won 63-52) vs 21(11E)-Rolesville /// 2(1ME)-Lumberton (won 71-41) vs 31(16E)-Wakefield; 14(8E)-Leesville Road (won 62-52) vs 18(9ME)-Cary; 8(4E)-South Central (won 50-47) vs 25(13ME)-Hoke County; 11(5ME)-Seventy-First vs 24(12E)-Laney (won 44-31) / 3(2E)-Millbrook (won 55-17) vs 30(15ME)-Pine Forest; 15(7ME)-Holly Springs (won 62-50) vs 20(10E)-Cardinal Gibbons; 6(3ME)-Green Hope (won 58-35) vs 27(14E)-Clayton; 10(6E)-Hoggard (won 48-32) vs 22(11ME)-Jack Britt

2nd round (Thurs. Feb. 23): 1(1E)-Southeast Raleigh (won 68-28) vs 17(9E)-East Wake; 7(4ME)-E.E. Smith vs 9(5E)-Heritage (won 61-57) / 5(2ME)-Hillside (won 55-48) vs 12(7E)-Knightdale; 4(3E)-New Hanover (won 59-50) vs 13(6ME)-Apex /// 2(1ME)-Lumberton (won 58-50) vs 14(8E)-Leesville Road; 8(4E)-South Central (won 53-47) vs 24(12E)-Laney / 3(2E)-Millbrook (won 57-47) vs 15(7ME)-Holly Springs; 6(3ME)-Green Hope (won 48-46) vs 10(6E)-Hoggard

3rd round (Sat. Feb. 25): 1(1E)-Southeast Raleigh (won 56-52) vs 9(5E)-Heritage / 4(3E)-New Hanover (won 56-50) vs 5(2ME)-Hillside /// 2(1ME)-Lumberton (won 70-46) vs 8(4E)-South Central / 3(2E)-Millbrook (won 57-47) vs 6(3ME)-Green Hope

4th round (Tue. Feb. 28): 1(1E)-Southeast Raleigh (won 54-35) vs 4(3E)-New Hanover /// 2(1ME)-Lumberton vs 3(2E)-Millbrook (won 58-33)

East final (Sat. March 4) at Methodist University:

1(1E)-Southeast Raleigh (won 47-31) vs 3(2E)-Millbrook

State championship (Sat. March 11) at Reynolds Coliseum:

Southeast Raleigh vs Northwest Guilford (won 36-34)


1st round (Tue. Feb. 21): 2(1E)-Jacksonville (won 65-42) vs 30(16ME)-Southern Durham; 16(8ME)-Northeast Guilford (won 58-50) vs 17(9E)-Hunt; 8(4ME)-Triton vs 27(13E)-Corinth Holders (won 43-39); 10(5E)-Cleveland vs 23(12ME)-Cedar Ridge (won 65-53) / 3(2ME)-Orange (won 56-39) vs 31(E15)-West Brunswick; 12(7E)-Havelock (won 77-75) vs 19(10ME)-Southern Guilford; 6(3E)-Eastern Wayne vs 26(14ME)-Eastern Guilford (won 51-42); 13(6ME)-Rockingham County (won 78-32) vs 22(11E)-Richlands /// 1(1ME)-Northern Guilford (won 74-32) vs 32(16E)-West Carteret; 15(8E)-Fike vs 18(9ME)-Gray’s Creek (won 58-50); 7(4E)-Topsail (won 65-59) vs 24(13ME)-Williams; 9(5ME)-Terry Sanford (won 51-27) vs 25(12E)-C.B. Aycock / 5(2E)-Rocky Mount (won 70-9) vs 29(15ME)-Westover; 14(7ME)-Northwood (won 45-42) vs 21(10E)-J.F. Webb; 4(3ME)-Union Pines (won 57-32) vs 28(14E)-Swansboro; 11(6E)-Nash Central (won 50-45) vs 20(11ME)-Western Alamance

2nd round (Thurs. Feb. 23): 2(1E)-Jacksonville (won 68-50) vs 16(8ME)-Northeast Guilford; 23(12ME)-Cedar Ridge vs 27(13E)-Corinth Holders (won 38-34 in OT) / 3(2ME)-Orange (won 81-77) vs 12(7E)-Havelock; 13(6ME)-Rockingham County (won 63-45) vs 26(14ME)-Eastern Guilford /// 1(1ME)-Northern Guilford (won 70-27) vs 18(9ME)-Gray’s Creek; 7(4E)-Topsail (won 32-30) vs 9(5ME)-Terry Sanford / 5(2E)-Rocky Mount (won 50-35) vs 14(7ME)-Northwood; 4(3ME)-Union Pines vs 11(6E)-Nash Central (won 54-42)

3rd round (Sat. Feb. 25): 2(1E)-Jacksonville (won 57-22) vs 27(13E)-Corinth Holders / 3(2ME)-Orange vs 13(6ME)-Rockingham County (won 56-39) /// 1(1ME)-Northern Guilford (won 61-25) vs 7(4E)-Topsail / 5(2E)-Rocky Mount (won 56-39) vs 11(6E)-Nash Central

4th round (Tue. Feb. 28): 2(1E)-Jacksonville (won 55-50) vs 13(6ME)-Rockingham County /// 1(1ME)-Northern Guilford (won 54-44) vs 5(2E)-Rocky Mount

East final (Sat. March 4) at Fayetteville State:

1(1ME)-Northern Guilford (won 42-37) vs 2(1E)-Jacksonville

State championship (Sat. March 11) at UNC:

Northern Guilford (won 66-64) vs Hickory Ridge


1st round (Tue. Feb. 21): 1(1E)-Bertie (won 72-30) vs 32(16ME)-Southern Vance; 13(9E)-Warren County (won 64-56) vs 22(8ME)-T.W. Andrews; 11(4ME)-East Bladen (won 35-31) vs 19(13E)-First Flight; 8(5E)-Roanoke Rapids (won 74-34) vs 28(12ME)-Carrboro / 5(2ME)-Bartlett Yancey (won 62-46) vs 23(15E)-Pasquotank County; 10(7E)-Kinston (won 76-38) vs 26(10ME)-Graham; 4(3E)-South Lenoir (won 57-40) vs 30(14ME)-Midway; 15(11E)-East Duplin (won 51-41) vs 17(6ME)-South Granville /// 2(1ME)-Clinton (won 80-37) vs 24(16E)-Washington; 12(8E)-North Pitt (won 64-37) vs 25(9ME)-South Columbus; 7(4E)-SouthWest Edgecombe (won 74-41) vs 29(13ME)-West Bladen; 16(5ME)-North Johnston (won 56-45) vs 18(12E)-Edenton Holmes / 3(2E)-North Brunswick (won 56-26) vs 31(15ME)-Durham School of Arts; 14(10E)-Farmville Central (won 62-34) vs 21(7ME)-Eastern Randolph; 6(3ME)-Red Springs (won 65-52) vs 20(14E)-Currituck County; 9(6E)-Northside (Jacksonville) (won 64-32) vs 27(11ME)-Fairmont

2nd round (Thurs. Feb. 23): 1(1E)-Bertie (won 58-27) vs 13(9E)-Warren County; 8(5E)-Roanoke Rapids (won 70-56) vs 11(4ME)-East Bladen / 5(2ME)-Bartlett Yancey (won 62-44) vs 10(7E)-Kinston; 4(3E)-South Lenoir vs 15(11E)-East Duplin (won 51-48) /// 2(1ME)-Clinton (won 86-50) vs 12(8E)-North Pitt; 7(4E)-SouthWest Edgecombe (won 59-38) vs 16(5ME)-North Johnston / 3(2E)-North Brunswick (won 58-48) vs 14(10E)-Farmville Central; 6(3ME)-Red Springs vs 9(6E)-Northside (Jacksonville) (won 52-42)

3rd round (Sat. Feb. 25): 1(1E)-Bertie (won 57-41) vs 8(5E)-Roanoke Rapids / 4(3E)-South Lenoir vs 5(2ME)-Bartlett Yancey (won 57-31) /// 2(1ME)-Clinton (won 82-66) vs 7(4E)-SouthWest Edgecombe / 3(2E)-North Brunswick vs 9(6E)-Northside (Jacksonville) (won 76-52)

4th round (Tue. Feb. 28): 1(1E)-Bertie vs 5(2ME)-Bartlett Yancey (won 48-39) /// 2(1ME)-Clinton (won 69-56) vs 9(6E)-Northside (Jacksonville)

East final (Sat. March 4) at Methodist University:

2(1ME)-Clinton (won 68-58) vs 5(2ME)-Bartlett Yancey

State championship (Sat. March 11) at Reynolds Coliseum:

Clinton (won 59-49) vs North Surry.


Note: North Moore was the 12MW (21st overall) seed and lost to 10th overall seed Murphy 82-53 in the first round. Chatham Central is the 7MW (13th overall) seed in the West region and defeated Highland Tech (22nd overall) 50-35 in the first round and will lost to 6th overall seed Avery County 76-45 in the second round.

1st round (Tue. Feb. 21): 1(1E)-Plymouth (won 72-43) vs 32(16ME)-James Kenan; 15(8ME)-Louisburg vs 17(9E)-Ocracoke (won 54-50); 8(4ME)-Pender vs 24(13E)-Manteo (won 49-44); 9(5E)-Northampton County (won 61-20) vs 27(ME12)-Kestrel Heights / 5(2ME)-East Columbus (won 53-48) vs 26(15E)-Tarboro; 14(7E)-Lejeune (won 40-36) vs 20(10ME)-Spring Creek; 4(3E)-Pamlico County (won 57-45) vs 29(14ME)-Whiteville; 11(6ME)-Raleigh Charter vs 21(11E)-Camden County (won 41-40) /// 2(1ME)-Roxboro Community (won 67-24) vs 31(16E)-Gates County; 16(8E)-Perquimans vs 18(9ME)-Rosewood (won 44-42); 7(4E)-Weldon (won 44-35) vs 28(13ME)-Wallace-Rose Hill; 10(5ME)-Neuse Charter (won 65-48) vs 22(12E)-Southeast Halifax / 3(2E)-Riverside (Williamston) (won 68-13) vs 30(15ME)-Granville Central; 13(7ME)-Franklin Academy (won 32-21) vs 19(10E)-Cape Hatteras; 6(3ME)-Princeton (won 56-48) vs 25(14E)-Southside; 12(6E)-East Carteret (won 58-43) vs 23(11ME)-Falls Lake Academy

2nd round (Thurs. Feb. 23): 1(1E)-Plymouth (won 63-38) vs 17(9E)-Ocracoke; 8(4ME)-Pender vs 9(5E)-Northampton County (won 70-31) / 5(2ME)-East Columbus (won 60-49) vs 14(7E)-Lejeune; 4(3E)-Pamlico County (won 62-28) vs 21(11E)-Camden County /// 2(1ME)-Roxboro Community (won 65-32) vs 18(9ME)-Rosewood ; 7(4E)-Weldon (won 57-51) vs 10(5ME)-Neuse Charter / 3(2E)-Riverside (Williamston) (won 65-33) vs 13(7ME)-Franklin Academy; 6(3ME)-Princeton vs 12(6E)-East Carteret (won 39-29)

3rd round (Sat. Feb. 25): 1(1E)-Plymouth (won 59-45) vs 9(5E)-Northampton County / 4(3E)-Pamlico County (won 85-42) vs 5(2ME)-East Columbus /// 2(1ME)-Roxboro Community (won 61-49) vs 7(4E)-Weldon / 3(2E)-Riverside (Williamston) (won 67-44) vs 12(6E)-East Carteret

4th round (Tue. Feb. 28): 1(1E)-Plymouth vs 4(3E)-Pamlico County (won 66-59) /// 2(1ME)-Roxboro Community (won 59-56) vs 3(2E)-Riverside (Williamston)

East final (Sat. March 4) at Methodist University:

2(1ME)-Roxboro Community vs 4(3E)-Pamlico County (won 59-47)

State championship (Sat. March 11) at UNC:

Pamlico County vs Mount Airy (won 66-40)