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NCAC all-conference spring sports teams

Chase Sykes (2) of Voyager Academy steps on to the third base under the directions from his coach Pete Shankle, left, to score for the Vikings. The Voyager Academy Vikings played the Gates County Red Barons in a baseball game that took place at the Duke University Coombs Field in Durham, N.C. on Friday, May 20, 2016. Voyager won 11-0.
Chase Sykes (2) of Voyager Academy steps on to the third base under the directions from his coach Pete Shankle, left, to score for the Vikings. The Voyager Academy Vikings played the Gates County Red Barons in a baseball game that took place at the Duke University Coombs Field in Durham, N.C. on Friday, May 20, 2016. Voyager won 11-0. newsobserver.com

The North Central Athletic Conference has announced its all-conference lists and player and coach of the year awards in all spring sports.

Franklin Academy won three NCAC titles: boys golf, girls track and field and girls soccer.

Voyager Academy won in baseball, Research Triangle took the boys track and field crown, Raleigh Charter won the boys tennis title and Roxboro Community claimed the softball championship.

Boys lacrosse players from Voyager Academy and Roxboro Community who made all-conference will be announced next week after all Big 8 3A spring sports teams are done.


Co-Players of the Year: Drew Fletcher, Falls Lake Academy; Chase Sykes, Voyager Academy.

Pitcher of the Year: Aaron Beasley, Voyager Academy.

Coach of the Year: Pete Shankle, Voyager Academy.

Sportsmanship Award: River Mill Academy.

All-Conference: Aaron Beasley, Voyager Academy; Chase Sykes, Voyager Academy; Michael Jones, Voyager Academy; Kamayu Neighbors, Voyager Academy; Lance Annis, Voyager Academy; Drew Fletcher, Falls Lake Academy; Colson Teal, Falls Lake Academy; Lane White, Falls Lake Academy; Josh Edwards, Falls Lake Academy; Lucas Wier, Franklin Academy; Issac Wier, Franklin Academy; Trevor Rohrs, Franklin Academy; Ian Coleman, Roxboro Community; Clayton Day, Roxboro Community; Seth Gentry, Roxboro Community; Logan Robson, River Mill Academy; Tyler Myers, River Mill Academy; Matt Cracchiolo, East Wake Academy.

Honorable Mention: Ethan Blevins, Voyager Academy; Ethan Holder, Voyager Academy; John Dunlow, Falls Lake Academy; Jacob Borden, Falls Lake Academy; Chandler Williams, Franklin Academy; Jacob Joyner, Franklin Academy; Nick Brann, Roxboro Community; Josh Adcock, Roxboro Community; Avery Greeson, River Mill Academy; Shane Knight, East Wake Academy; Ty Kay, East Wake Academy.

Boys Golf

Player of the Year: Cody McDaniel, Franklin Academy.

All-Conference: Cody McDaniel, Franklin Academy; Daniel Nunn, Franklin Academy; Ryan Lamm, Franklin Academy; Chris McCabe, Roxboro Community; Cole Scearce, Voyager Academy; Jacob Burgess, Franklin Academy; Jake Girouard, Franklin Academy; Parker Groeschner, Franklin Academy; Blake Buchanan, Voyager Academy; Henry Jackson, Roxboro Community; Payton Weatherspoon, East Wake Academy; Drake Weatherspoon, East Wake Academy.

Girls Soccer

Player of the Year: Isabel Pearce, Woods Charter.

Goalkeeper of the Year: Marlayna Frutiger, Franklin Academy.

Co-Coaches of the Year: Kambyl Borries, Franklin Academy; Graeme Stewart, Woods Charter.

Sportsmanship Award: Kestrel Heights

All-Conference: Natalie Barth, Franklin Academy; Kennedy Capps, Franklin Academy; Niamh Stephan, Franklin Academy; Marylana Frutiger, Franklin Academy; Anna Krussow, Franklin Academy; Kiera Stephan, Franklin Academy; Isabel Pearce, Woods Charter; Erin Nowak, Woods Charter; Julianna Puccio, Woods Charter; Elena Ising, Woods Charter; Eden Hart, Woods Charter; Hana Chabinsky, Raleigh Charter; Karly Dreyer, Raleigh Charter; Emma Spitz, Raleigh Charter; Charlotte Rhodes, Raleigh Charter; Daisy Bonifant, Raleigh Charter; Olivia Whitley, East Wake Academy; Haley Turner, East Wake Academy; Gracie Page, East Wake Academy; Brianna Henderson, Roxboro Community; Skyler Bryan, Roxboro Community; Eryka Vanek, Roxboro Community; Alexa Sewitsky, Voyager Academy; Grace Lincroft, Research Triangle; Paris Brasier, Kestrel Heights.

Honorable Mention: Kate Sollom, Franklin Academy; Chloe Armitage, Franklin Academy; Alex Christian, Woods Charter; Anjali Gupta, Woods Charter; Sofia Rhodes, Raleigh Charter; Addie Spitz, Raleigh Charter; Allie Page, East Wake Academy; Madi Hempstead, East Wake Academy; Mackenzie Oliver, Roxboro Community; Baylor Howerton, Roxboro Community; Savannah Garcia, Voyager Academy; Halima Hasan, Research Triangle; Lexie Triblehorn, Research Triangle


Player of the Year: Micki Maxson, Falls Lake Academy.

Pitcher of the Year: Rachel Thompson, East Wake Academy.

Coach of the Year: Sean Kendrick, Roxboro Community.

Sportsmanship Award: Voyager Academy

All-Conference: Karsin Lee, Roxboro Community; Grace Sherron, Roxboro Community; Nyah Daye, Roxboro Community; Kailey Mangum, Roxboro Community; Emiley Foreman, Roxboro Community; Rachel Thompson, East Wake Academy; Sydney Brantley, East Wake Academy; Lauren Brown, East Wake Academy; Rachel Hardy, East Wake Academy; Claire Batten, Franklin Academy; Carlie Clift, Franklin Academy; Carly Graves, Franklin Academy; Megan Rogers, Franklin Academy; Micki Maxson, Falls Lake Academy; Taylor Young, Falls Lake Academy; Ellie Stockton, Voyager Academy; Mackenzie Allison, Voyager Academy; Morgan Mebane, River Mill Academy.

Honorable Mention: Jailyn Mattos, Roxboro Community; Jersey Llerena, Roxboro Community; Ruby Helms, East Wake Academy; Hannah Howell, East Wake Academy; Jessica Faulkner, Franklin Academy; Anna Rogers, Franklin Academy; Allison Fletcher, Falls Lake Academy; Martina O’Briant, Falls Lake Academy; Kalista Kornegay, Voyager Academy; Bella McCowen, Voyager Academy; Haley Bradshaw, River Mill Academy; Kalynn Braddy, River Mill Academy.

Boys Tennis

Player of the Year: Harrison Tseng, Raleigh Charter.

Coach of the Year: Douglas Quick, Voyager Academy.

Sportsmanship Award: Woods Charter

All-Conference: Harrison Tseng, Raleigh Charter; Chinna Baskaran, Raleigh Charter; Joseph Fisher, Raleigh Charter; Jake Satisky, Raleigh Charter; Andrew Quick, Voyager Academy; Amith Jagganath, Voyager Academy; Max Leonard, Voyager Academy; John Hankinson, Research Triangle; Ronik Grewal, Research Triangle; Jackson Venable, Franklin Academy; Grant Smith, Franklin Academy; Holden Harrington, Woods Charter.

Honorable Mention: Arjun Juneja, Raleigh Charter; Revant Birla, Raleigh Charter; Connor Hollon, Voyager Academy; Holden Buchanan, Voyager Academy; Namh Lahade, Research Triangle; Jonas Trepanier, Research Triangle; Nick Emer, Franklin Academy; Max Upchurch, Franklin Academy; Patrick Deegan, Woods Charter; Ryan Lanford, Woods Charter; Shannon Mebane, River Mill Academy

Brennan Doherty contributed.