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Eastern Carolina 3A/4A all-conference spring sports teams

J.H. Rose shortstop Gregory Hardison (8) fields the baseball during the J.H. Rose High School boy's baseball game against D.H. Conley High School in Greenville, N.C. on Thursday, March 16, 2017.
J.H. Rose shortstop Gregory Hardison (8) fields the baseball during the J.H. Rose High School boy's baseball game against D.H. Conley High School in Greenville, N.C. on Thursday, March 16, 2017. newsobserver.com

The Eastern Carolina 3A/4A Conference has announced its all-conference lists and player and coach of the year awards in all spring sports.

J.H. Rose won conference titles in baseball and girls soccer, while New Bern won the boys golf championship and D.H. Conley won boys tennis. South Central had the most spring titles, winning boys and girls track and field as well as softball.


Player of the Year: Greg Hardison, J.H. Rose.

Coach of the Year: Charles Davis, C.B Aycock

All-Conference: Greg Hardison, J.H. Rose; Coleman Sawyer, J.H. Rose; Tyshawn Barrett, J.H. Rose; Roman Galaska, J.H. Rose; Hunter Christopher, J.H. Rose; Michael Crumpler, J.H. Rose; Chandler Matthews, C.B. Aycock; Blake Gipson, C.B. Aycock; Cody Whaley, C.B. Aycock; Jordan Gay, C.B. Aycock; Syncere Pittman, South Central; Christian Stokes, South Central; Kolby Wainright, South Central; Cam Andrews, D.H. Conley; Noah Jones, D.H. Conley; Robbie O’Neal, D.H. Conley; Jay Pike, New Bern; Alex Hinson, New Bern; Daniel Rust, New Bern; Jack Casbarro, Southern Wayne; Aryc Christman, Southern Wayne; Tanner Wells, Eastern Wayne

Honorable Mention: Robby Wacker, J.H. Rose; Chandler Hallow, J.H. Rose; Anthony Saieed, J.H. Rose; Chris Mills, South Central; Ryan Purcell, South Central; Landan Gina, Eastern Wayne; Davis Belentine, New Bern; Jamie Winfield, New Bern; Zach Long, New Bern.


Player of the Year: Emily Kirby, D.H. Conley.

Coach of the Year: Wayne Deans, D.H. Conley.

All-Conference: Abigayle Rowell, South Central; Lindsey McCallum, South Central; Cam Davis, South Central; Madison Deans, South Central; Anna Mewborn, South Central; Marissa Roach, South Central; Cara Davis, D.H. Conley; Makenna Matthijs, D.H. Conley; Emily Kirby, D.H. Conley; Grace Cochran, D.H. Conley; Connor Vinson, C.B. Aycock; Hannah Vinson, C.B. Aycock; Mookie Powell, C.B. Aycock; Taylor Puetz, C.B. Aycock; Rebecca Coor, Southern Wayne; Makenzie Bryan, Southern Wayne; Caroline Summerlin, Southern Wayne; Sam Smith, New Bern; Jessica D’Elia, New Bern; Emily Uzzell, Eastern Wayne; Emily Newsome, Eastern Wayne; Lindsey Gribble, J.H. Rose.

Honorable Mention: Anna Evans, South Central; Kennedy Fipps, South Central; Lexie Vincent, D.H. Conley; Chloe Smith, Eastern Wayne.

Boys Tennis

Player of the Year: Jaxon Wiley, D.H. Conley.

Coach of the Year: Ken Whitehurst, D.H. Conley.

All-Conference: Jaxon Wiley, D.H. Conley; Storm Davis, D.H. Conley; Conner Christian, D.H. Conley; Will Whitehurst, D.H. Conley; Asuka La Vigne, New Bern; Spencer Scheper, New Bern; Wilson Bunn, New Bern; Dylan March, Eastern Wayne; Anass Sarah, Eastern Wayne; Daniel Stevens, Eastern Wayne; Walker Davis, Eastern Wayne; Brian Lin, J.H. Rose; Tyheem Daniels, J.H. Rose; Matthew Hare, C.B. Aycock; Jarrett Flemming, South Central.

Honorable Mention: Mason Robinson, D.H. Conley; Grant Donlley, D.H. Conley; Andy Billing, J.H. Rose; Max Bemthal, New Bern; Frank Fortescue, New Bern; Andrew Childes, New Bern.

Girls Soccer

Player of the Year: Shelby Jones, J.H. Rose.

Coach of the Year: Scott Summers, Eastern Wayne.

All-Conference: Shelby Jones, J.H. Rose; Sara Young, J.H. Rose; Summer Kenny, J.H. Rose; Hannah Hendrix, J.H. Rose; Kris Houston, J.H. Rose; Isabella Carder, J.H. Rose; Karina Carbajal, D.H. Conley; Analee Reed, D.H. Conley; Morgan Tingen, D.H. Conley; Rebecca Reed, D.H. Conley; Macy Smith, D.H. Conley; Hannah Smith, New Bern; Patricia Gibson, New Bern; Kathryn Dixon, New Bern; Austin Baxley, New Bern; Meghan Guter, New Bern; Brennan Dove, Eastern Wayne; Claire Mallory, Eastern Wayne; Madison Tallerida, Eastern Wayne; McKenzie Norris, C.B. Aycock; Mackenzie Jones, C.B. Aycock; Daylan Wiggs, Southern Wayne; Caroline Best, Southern Wayne; Natalie Halderman, South Central; Daysi Valenzuela, South Central;

Honorable Mention: Aeryn Parker, J.H. Rose; Aiden Alread, J.H. Rose; Bridgett Kenny, J.H. Rose; Jenna Rupp, D.H. Conley; Maeve English, D.H. Conley; Yessi Gutierrez, Eastern Wayne.

Girls Track and Field

4-by-100 relay: Erykah Baldwin, Southern Wayne; Kiara Wallace, Southern Wayne; Machiah Moore, Southern Wayne; Takeitha Glaspie, Southern Wayne.

4-by-200 relay: Jamelia Hilliard, D.H. Conley; Alysa McLaughlin, D.H. Conley; Mikayla Stricklen, D.H. Conley; Racheal Hyman, D.H. Conley.

4-by-400 relay: Jordan Sales, J.H. Rose; Castar Braswell, J.H. Rose; Chynna Joyner, J.H. Rose; Jordyn Williams, J.H. Rose.

4-by-800 relay: Emma Frinsko, South Central; Sarah Joyner, South Central; Alaya Boyer, South Central; Sarah Haglund, South Central.

100 meters hurdles: Arlanda Faulkner, C.B. Aycock; Georgia Hayes, D.H. Conley.

300 meters hurdles: Allana Langley, South Central; Channing Williams, Eastern Wayne.

100 meters dash: Jordan Sales, J.H. Rose; Takeitha Glaspie, Southern Wayne.

200 meters dash: Jordan Sales, J.H. Rose; Takeitha Glaspie, Southern Wayne.

400 meters: Alysa McLaughlin, D.H. Conley; Machiah Moore, Southern Wayne.

800 meters: Castar Braswell, J.H. Rose; Sarah Gregory, C.B. Aycock.

1,600 meters: Hannah Adams, New Bern; Nicole Ohannesian, New Bern.

3,200 meters: Nicole Ohannesian, New Bern; Hannah Adams, New Bern.

Discus: Amari Brigman, Eastern Wayne; Alexus Elliott, Southern Wayne.

Shot Put: Amari Brigman, Eastern Wayne; Aisha Taylor, South Central.

High Jump: Castar Braswell, J.H. Rose; Derrica Davis, South Central.

Long Jump: Arlanda Faulkner, C.B. Aycock; Erykah Baldwin, Southern Wayne.

Triple Jump: Cyerra Carter, C.B. Aycock; Ninevah Reddick, South Central.

Boys Track and Field

4-by-100 relay: Emmanuel Lewis, South Central; Jalen Wilson, South Central; Nazir Monroe-Smith, South Central; Sean Williams, South Central.

4-by-200 relay: Brian Parson, D.H. Conley; Noah Harper, D.H. Conley; Coleman Ferrell, D.H. Conley; Connor O’Brien, D.H. Conley.

4-by-400 relay: DeAndre Adams, South Central; Daniel Allette, South Central; Dexter McDuffie, South Central; Kendrick Britton, South Central.

4-by-800 relay: Fletcher Bost, South Central; Cole Corbett, South Central; DeAndre Adams, South Central; Andrell Murphy, South Central.

110-meter hurdles: Dexter McDuffie, South Central; Jaylan Graham, Eastern Wayne.

300-meter hurdles: Dexter McDuffie, South Central; Kendrick Britton, South Central.

100-meter dash: Kamarion Graham, C.B. Aycock; Sean Williams, South Central.

200-meter dash: Kamarion Graham, C.B. Aycock; Demetrus Johnson, J.H. Rose.

400 meters: Connor O’Brien, D.H. Conley; Coleman Ferrell, D.H. Conley.

800 meters: Eli Orians, D.H. Conley; Zach Tucker, D.H. Conley.

1,600 meters: Jonathan Johnson, New Bern; DeShawn Owens, C.B. Aycock.

3,200 meters: Jonathan Johnson, New Bern; AJ Miller, D.H. Conley.

Discus: Trevor Holt, C.B. Aycock; Phillip Chen, South Central.

Shot Put: Trevor Holt, C.B. Aycock; Jamie Gaskins, J.H. Rose.

High Jump: Yoente Royal, Eastern Wayne; DeVeion Jenkins, New Bern.

Long Jump: Jonathan Carter, South Central; Emannuel Lewis, South Central.

Triple Jump: Emannuel Lewis, South Central; William Smith, Eastern Wayne.

Boys Golf

Player of the Year: Casey Osiecki, New Bern.

Coach of the Year: Cliff Dillard, New Bern.

All-Conference: Casey Osiecki, New Bern; Randall Hudson, New Bern; Nic Brown, D.H. Conley; Jack Towanicky, New Bern; Nick Loy, J.H. Rose; Tyler Spencer, D.H. Conley; Parker Eason, J.H. Rose; Caleb Kimbro, New Bern; David Langley, South Central; Jackson Stanley, J.H. Rose.

Brennan Doherty contributed.