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PAC-6 all-conference teams spring sports teams

Jordan's Jared Halverson, right, charges by the Chapel Hill defender in a nonconference boys lacrosse game on March 7, 2017.
Jordan's Jared Halverson, right, charges by the Chapel Hill defender in a nonconference boys lacrosse game on March 7, 2017. newsobserver.com

The PAC-6 4A Conference has announced its all-conference lists and player and coach of the year awards in all spring sports.

Cardinal Gibbons won conference titles in boys tennis, boys golf, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse and girls soccer. Northern Durham and East Chapel Hill shared the softball title. Jordan won the baseball and boys track and field crowns. Hillside took girls track and field.

Lacrosse-only members of the PAC-6 – like Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Pinecrest, Terry Sanford and Jack Britt – also had all-conference players selected.


Player of the Year: Chris Crabtree, Riverside.

Coach of the Year: Aaron Brown, Jordan.

All-Conference: Ben Miller, Jordan; Pete Bloomberg, Cardinal Gibbons; Will Walker, Person; Chris Clarke, East Chapel Hill; Gray Betts, Cardinal Gibbons; Chris Shepherd, Jordan; Chris Crabtree, Riverside; CJ DiBenedetto, East Chapel Hill; Noah Campbell, Cardinal Gibbons; WIlson Hoyle IV, Jordan; Luke Fenlon, Northern Durham; LeChauncey Lyons, Hillside; Cale Mizelle, Person; Will Walker, Person; Anthony Rivera, Riverside; Ray Palma, Riverside; Nick Fajardo, Jordan; Dillon Terwilliger, Jordan; Nick Brassington, Cardinal Gibbons; Chris Thorburn, Cardinal Gibbons; Tyler Wilson, Jordan; Spencer Smith, Northern Durham.

Honorable Mention: Keaton Bradley, Northern Durham; Evan Wilson, Cardinal Gibbons; Josh Petterson, East Chapel Hill; Corey Mitchell, Hillside; Drew Clayton, Person; Ryan Wilson, Jordan; Chris Allen, Riverside; Chris Ponton, Hillside; Tyler Mangum, Northern Durham.

Boys Golf

Player of the Year: Nathan Norfleet, East Chapel Hill.

Coach of the Year: Robert Guzzo, Cardinal Gibbons.

All-Conference: Nathan Norfleet, East Chapel Hill; Campbell Rand, Riverside; Chris Sperrazza, Cardinal Gibbons; Clayson Good, Jordan; Quentin Cain, Cardinal Gibbons; Charlie Gaenzle, East Chapel Hill; Jackson Herring, Cardinal Gibbons; Andrew Merrills, Cardinal Gibbons; Sam Fallon, East Chapel Hill; Max Sanchez, East Chapel Hill.

Boys Lacrosse

Offensive Player of the Year: Jared Halverson, Jordan.

Defensive Player of the Year: Chris Wozencroft, Cardinal Gibbons.

Coach of the Year: Alex Buckley, Cardinal Gibbons.

First Team: Luke Fajack, East Chapel Hill; Chris Wozencroft, Cardinal Gibbons; Tyler Thompson, Jordan; Jared Halverson, Jordan; Zach Niemi, Cardinal Gibbons; Connor Funck, Jack Britt; Will Domville, Cardinal Gibbons; Charles Van Dyke, Cardinal Gibbons; Aidan Clark, East Chapel Hill; Mason Perry, Jordan; Sean Nelson, Cardinal Gibbons; Alex Stock, Cardinal Gibbons; Jack Biestek, Cardinal Gibbons

Second Team: Sam Harding, Northern Durham; Joel Rodriguez, Northern Durham; Connor McDougall, Jordan; Ryan Levy, East Chapel Hill; Adam Barry, Cardinal Gibbons; Yasir Stroud, Jordan; Jack Perry, Jordan; Taylor Greeno, East Chapel Hill; Jeffrey Jensen, Pinecrest; Mat Swierkowski, Jack Britt; Jack Nixon, Pinecrest; Daylan Felton, Northern Durham; Branson Gilbert, Jordan.

Honorable Mention: Brennan Kurosad, Cardinal Gibbons; Robert Eigenrauch, Jordan; Trevor Kirsch, Cardinal Gibbons; Chad Jeffries, Northern Durham; Brandon Lee, Northern Durham; Quinn Albrecht, East Chapel Hill; JT Smith, Northern Durham; Ryan Leach, Jack Britt; James Drosdick, Riverside; Roger Peoples, Jordan; Brad Quant, Jack Britt; Will Stover, Jack Britt; Will Corley, East Chapel Hill; Hank Gerber, East Chapel Hill.

Girls Lacrosse

All-Conference: Sarah Boney, Cardinal Gibbons; Hayden Callahan, Cardinal Gibbons; Caroline Kimel, Cardinal Gibbons; Jordan Lappin, Cardinal Gibbons; Grace Nelson, Cardinal Gibbons; Cassie New, Cardinal Gibbons; Elizabeth Wilson, Cardinal Gibbons; Gabby Young, Cardinal Gibbons; Isabel Chung, Carrboro; MacKenzie Cox, Carrboro; Katherine Fesperman, Carrboro; Sydney Mosteller, Carrboro; Abby Seagroves, Carrboro; Catherine Strong, Carrboro; Anne Crabill, Chapel Hill; Katherine DeHart, Chapel Hill; Lundy Fine, Chapel Hill; Alleigh Kempf, Chapel Hill; Aoi Nakanishi, Chapel Hill; Olivia Rice, Chapel Hill; Shannon Wulff, Chapel Hill; Maddie Creatore, East Chapel Hill; Maya Levin, East Chapel Hill; Flynn Reed, East Chapel Hill; Riley Reid, East Chapel Hill; Sienna Zuco, East Chapel Hill; Lindy Charles, Jordan; Ellie Mayer, Jordan; Alyssa Pearson, Pinecrest; Lydia Culp, Pinecrest; Katie McKay, Pinecrest; Molly Woods, Riverside. Mattie Davis, Terry Sanford.

Girls Soccer

Player of the Year: Haley Garrett, Cardinal Gibbons.

Coach of the Year: Michele Miller, Cardinal Gibbons.

All-Conference: Haley Garrett, Cardinal Gibbons; Reni Taiwo, Cardinal Gibbons; Maggie Pierce, Cardinal Gibbons; Caroline Goudy, Cardinal Gibbons; Emmy Duerr, Cardinal Gibbons; Taylor Currie, Cardinal Gibbons; Anna Rockett, Cardinal Gibbons; Hunter Pearce, East Chapel Hill; Caroline Hayter, East Chapel Hill; Caelan DeMuth, East Chapel Hill; Caroline Parker, East Chapel Hill; Anna Ford, East Chapel Hill; Kayla Kern, East Chapel Hill; Callie Hammond, Northern Durham; Autumn Conners, Northern Durham; Katherine Christopher, Northern Durham; Frankie Barnes, Northern Durham; Abby Masten, Jordan; Erin Light, Jordan; Logan West, Jordan; Ellen McAdams, Riverside; Catherine Fishback, Riverside; Emily Maxwell, Riverside; Abby Mayer, Person; Alyssa Long, Person; Cristina Roberts, Person.

Honorable Mention: Madison Reid, Cardinal Gibbons; Abby Davis, East Chapel Hill; Summer Clifford, Northern Durham; Emma Howard, Northern Durham; Esme’ Wheeler, Jordan; Riley Ferguson, Jordan; Lyse Rochleder, Jordan; Hannah Benjamin, Person; Darby Heflin, Riverside.


Player of the Year: McKenzie McCullen, Northern Durham.

Co-Coaches of the Year: Boo Rigsbee, Northern Durham; Joe Simmons, East Chapel Hill.

All-Conference: McKenzie McCullen, Northern Durham; Sarah Pleasants, Northern Durham; Hannah Morris, Northern Durham; Hannah Arendt, Northern Durham; Paige Williamson, Northern Durham; Jessica Wright, Northern Durham; Claire Pederson, East Chapel Hill; Katie Agatucci, East Chapel Hill; Grace Vincent, East Chapel Hill; Violet Kehoe, East Chapel Hill; Katie Characklis, East Chapel Hill; Geena Kennihan, East Chapel Hill; Anna Harris, Person; Kaity Sullivan, Person; Kailee Clayton, Person; Kylie Reeves, Person; Nia Thomas, Person; Payton Pearsall, Person; Clare Zureich, Cardinal Gibbons; Elizabeth Klavon, Cardinal Gibbons; Jocelyn Shell, Cardinal Gibbons; Sarah Austin, Cardinal Gibbons; Neah Stevens, Hillside; Hadiyah Omar, Hillside; Amaya Ruffin, Hillside; Mykayla Williams, Hillside; Sarah Parrott, Jordan; Sophie Charles, Jordan; Hannah Kauwe, Jordan; Jocelyn Coley, Riverside.

Boys Track and Field

Track Athlete of the Year: Dontavian Smith, Person.

Field Athlete of the Year: Aaron Pankey, Jordan.

Coach of the Year: Reggie Love, Jordan.

All-Conference Team (in order of finish at conference championships)

Discus: Jaylen Laws, Hillside; Bruce Black, Jordan. Honorable Mention: Montrell Webb, Northern Durham.

Shot Put: Aaron McCullough, Hillside; Andrew Eisenson, Northern Durham. Honorable Mention: Frankie Holloway, Jordan.

Long Jump: Aaron Pankey, Jordan; Myles Dillon, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Tyrique Wright, Person.

Triple Jump: Aaron Pankey, Jordan; Michael Bizzell, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Tyrique Wright, Person.

High Jump: Laderrick Neville, Northern Durham; Dadryon Edwards, Jordan. Honorable Mention: Tyrique Wright, Person.

Pole Vault: Caleb Wright, Jordan; Trevor Justice, Jordan. Honorable Mention: Oliver Hill, Jordan.

100 M Dash: Roman Spencer, Jordan; Tysean Williamson, Jordan; Dontavian Smith, Person.

110 Hurdles: Dymir Watson, Hillside; Raequan Taylor, Northern Durham. Honorable Mention: Myles Speller, Jordan.

200 M Dash: Sysco Whitaker, Riverside; Peter Kosnick, Cardinal Gibbons. Honorable Mention: Vinay Kathard, East Chapel Hill.

300 Hurdles: Dymir Watson, Hillside; Chris Rogers, Hillside; Myles Speller, Jordan.

400 M Dash: Tahj Hall, Hillside; Vinay Kathard, East Chapel Hill. Honorable Mention: Parker Klinck.

800 M Run: Connor Lane, Cardinal Gibbons; Henry Kincaid, East Chapel Hill. Honorable Mention: Andrew Garrett, Person.

1600 M Run: Matthew Staehle, Jordan; Quinton Meyer, Jordan. Honorable Mention: Chris Hassel, East Chapel Hill.

3200 M Run: Sam Thornton, Cardinal Gibbons; Lowell Hensgen, Cardinal Gibbons. Honorable Mention: Daniel McAdams, Jordan.

4x100 Relay: Jordan, Cardinal Gibbons. Honorable Mention: Hillside.

4x200 Relay: Hillside, Riverside. Honorable Mention: Person.

4x400 Relay: Hillside, Jordan. Honorable Mention: Cardinal Gibbons.

4x800 Relay: Cardinal Gibbons, Jordan. Honorable Mention: Person.

Girls Track and Field

Track Athlete of the Year: Alysia Johnson, Hillside.

Field Co-Athletes of the Year: Kayla Beasley, Hillside; Bailey McCray, Hillside.

Coach of the Year: Jason Smoots, Hillside.

All-Conference Team (in order of finish at conference championships)

Discus: Kayla Beasley, Hillside; Jala Laws, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Zykharia Roper, Riverside.

Shot Put: Kayla Beasley, Hillside; Jala Laws, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Jada Green.

Long Jump: Bailey McCray, Hillside; Alexis Wood, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Mahogany McGhee, Person.

Triple Jump: Bailey McCray, Hillside; Aaliyah Peterson, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Alexis Wood.

High Jump: Kayla Carson, East Chapel Hill; Gabrielle Ryan, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Mahogany McGhee, Person.

Pole Vault: Diana Hill, Jordan; Kathryn Jansen, Jordan. Honorable Mention: Kayla Carson, East Chapel Hill; Brooklyn Justice, Jordan.

100 M Dash: Jamila McKoy, Hillside; Alysia Johnson, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Zachary Lane, Cardinal Gibbons.

100 Hurdles: Krystalynn Johnson, Hillside Bailey McCray, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Tianna Jackson, Person.

200 M Dash: Alysia Johnson, Hillside; Jamila McKoy, Hillside. Honorable Mention: Abira Reddish, Riverside.

300 Hurdles: Jessica Wright, Hillside Abira Reddish, Riverside. Honorable Mention: Emmaya Waters, Hillside.

400 M Dash: Ashlan Bowdry, Hillside; Ela Lucas, East Chapel Hill. Honorable Mention: Aja Gardner, Hillside.

800 M Run: Jordan Landis, Riverside; Caroline Todd, Cardinal Gibbons. Honorable Mention: Gabrielle Ryan, Hillside.

1600 M Run: Marissa Bishop, Cardinal Gibbons; Annie Pierce, Cardinal Gibbons. Honorable Mention: Jordan Landis, Riverside.

3200 M Run: Sloan Waters, Cardinal Gibbons; Marissa Bishop, Cardinal Gibbons. Honorable Mention: Cera Gannon, Jordan.

4x100 Relay: Hillside, East Chapel Hill. Honorable Mention: Jordan.

4x200 Relay: Hillside, East Chapel Hill. Honorable Mention: Cardinal Gibbons.

4x400 Relay: Hillside, Cardinal Gibbons. Honorable Mention: Riverside.

4x800 Relay: Cardinal Gibbons, East Chapel Hill. Honorable Mention: Riverside.

Boys Tennis

Player of the Year: Kevin Huang, East Chapel Hill.

Coach of the Year: Andrew Tuttle, Cardinal Gibbons.

All-Conference Team (singles): Zach Kim, Riverside; Justin Mofield, Riverside; Kevin Huang, East Chapel Hill; Graeme Zimmerman, East Chapel Hill; Ben McLean, East Chapel Hill; Quasm Rashada, Hillside; Grayson Quick, Hillside; Wyatt Schline, Cardinal Gibbons; Will Reese, Cardinal Gibbons; Clay Alderman, Cardinal Gibbons; Luke Gille, Person; Aiden O’Connell, Jordan.

All-Conference Team (doubles): Brennan Pitts and Erich Choudhury, Riverside; Rahul Singh and Sidharth Sirdeshmukh, East Chapel Hill; Kyler Zadell and Brody Chapman, Cardinal Gibbons; Peter Glenn and Caleb Suh, Cardinal Gibbons; Zach Tapper and Davis Cromer, Jordan; Jordan Halliday and Finn Lorenz, Northern Durham.

Brennan Doherty contributed.