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NCHSAA volleyball playoffs, 2017

Carrboro celebrates the match point. From left to right, Destinee Dorsey, Zoe Hurwitz, Destiny Cox (15), Sarah Montross (18) and Grace Maggiore (14). The Carrboro Jaguars played the Maiden Blue Devils for the NCHSAA 2A volleyball championship that took place at the N.C. State Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, N.C. on Saturday, November 5, 2016. Carrboro 3-1.
Carrboro celebrates the match point. From left to right, Destinee Dorsey, Zoe Hurwitz, Destiny Cox (15), Sarah Montross (18) and Grace Maggiore (14). The Carrboro Jaguars played the Maiden Blue Devils for the NCHSAA 2A volleyball championship that took place at the N.C. State Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, N.C. on Saturday, November 5, 2016. Carrboro 3-1. newsobserver.com

The 2017 N.C. High School Athletic Association volleyball playoffs have concluded.

▪ 4A: Green Hope downs Hough, repeats title

▪ 3A: Chapel Hill falls to North Iredell

▪ 2A: Carrboro downs West Iredell, repeats title

▪ 1A: Roxboro Community falls to CSD

PrepsNow area teams in bold.

Note: Matchups are listed from top to bottom as they appear on the bracket. The “/” divides the brackets into fourths and “///” divides the brackets into top and bottom halves.

4A East (rounds 1-5)

1st round (Sat. Oct. 21): 1-Green Hope vs BYE; 16-Laney vs 17-Heritage (won 3-2); 8-Broughton vs BYE; 9-Hoggard (won 3-0) vs 24-Middle Creek / 4-Ashley vs BYE; 13-Leesville Road (won 3-0) vs 20-Fuquay-Varina; 5-Wakefield vs BYE; 12-Holly Springs (won 3-1) vs 21-Millbrook /// 3-Apex vs BYE; 14-South Central (won 3-1) vs 19-Garner; 6-New Bern vs BYE; 11-Corinth Holders (won 3-1) vs 22-Apex Friendship / 2-Cardinal Gibbons vs BYE; 15-Sanderson (won 3-0) vs 18-Jack Britt; 7-Pine Forest vs BYE; 10-Panther Creek (won 3-0) vs 23-Wake Forest

2nd round (Tue. Oct. 24): 1-Green Hope (won 3-0) vs 17-Heritage; 8-Broughton (won 3-0) vs 9-Hoggard / 4-Ashley vs 13-Leesville Road (won 3-2); 5-Wakefield (won 3-0) vs 12-Holly Springs /// 3-Apex (won 3-0) vs 14-South Central; 6-New Bern (won 3-1) vs 11-Corinth Holders / 2-Cardinal Gibbons (won 3-0) vs 15-Sanderson; 7-Pine Forest vs 10-Panther Creek (won 3-0)

3rd round (Thurs. Oct. 26): 1-Green Hope (won 3-1) vs 8-Broughton / 5-Wakefield vs 13-Leesville Road (won 3-1) /// 2-Cardinal Gibbons (won 3-1) vs 10-Panther Creek / 3-Apex (won 3-0) vs 6-New Bern

4th round (Sat. Oct. 28): 1-Green Hope (won 3-0) vs 13-Leesville Road /// 2-Cardinal Gibbons (won 3-1) vs 3-Apex

East final (Tue. Oct. 31): 1-Green Hope (won 3-0) vs 2-Cardinal Gibbons

4A West (rounds 1-5)

1st round (Sat. Oct. 21): 1-Reagan vs BYE; 16-Scotland vs 17-Myers Park (won 3-0); 8-Davie County vs BYE; 9-Pinecrest (won 3-1) vs 24-Grimsley / 4-Hickory Ridge vs BYE; 13-Page (won 3-0) vs 20-Glenn; 5-Providence vs BYE; 12-Butler vs 21-Hopewell (won 3-2) /// 3-Hough vs BYE; 14-West Forsyth (won 3-0) vs 19-East Forsyth; 6-Northwest Guilford vs BYE; 11-Ardrey Kell (won 3-0) vs 22-South Mecklenburg / 2-Richmond County vs BYE; 15-Lake Norman (won 3-0) vs 18-Hoke County; 7-McDowell County vs BYE; 10-Mallard Creek (won 3-0) vs 23-North Mecklenburg

2nd round (Tue. Oct. 24): 1-Reagan (won 3-0) vs 17-Myers Park; 8-Davie County (won 3-0) vs 9-Pinecrest / 4-Hickory Ridge (won 3-2) vs 13-Page; 5-Providence (won 3-1) vs 21-Hopewell /// 3-Hough (won 3-0) vs 14-West Forsyth; 6-Northwest Guilford (won 3-2) vs 11-Ardrey Kell / 2-Richmond County vs 15-Lake Norman (won 3-2); 7-McDowell County vs 10-Mallard Creek (won 3-0)

3rd round (Thurs. Oct. 26): 1-Reagan (won 3-2) vs 8-Davie County / 4-Hickory Ridge (won 3-1) vs 5-Providence /// 10-Mallard Creek (won 3-0) vs 15-Lake Norman / 3-Hough (won 3-0) vs 6-Northwest Guilford

4th round (Sat. Oct. 28): 1-Reagan (won 3-1) vs 4-Hickory Ridge /// 3-Hough (won 3-1) vs 10-Mallard Creek

West final (Tue. Oct. 31): 1-Reagan vs 3-Hough (won 3-2)

4A Championship

State championship (Sat. Nov. 4):

1-Green Hope (won 3-0) vs 3-Hough -- at N.C. State, 7:30 p.m.

3A East (rounds 1-5)

1st round (Sat. Oct. 21): 1-D.H. Conley (won 3-0) vs 32-Terry Sanford; 16-Triton (won 3-1) vs 17-Jacksonville; 8-Franklinton vs 25-C.B. Aycock (won 3-0); 9-Union Pines (won 3-0) vs 24-East Chapel Hill / 4-West Carteret (won 3-0) vs 29-Swansboro; 13-Western Alamance (won 3-0) vs 20-West Johnston; 5-Chapel Hill (won 3-0) vs 28-Orange; 12-Clayton vs 21-Northern Guilford (won 3-1) /// 3-Cleveland (won 3-0) vs 30-South Brunswick; 14-Northwood (won 3-0) vs 19-Gray’s Creek; 6-New Hanover (won 3-0) vs 27-Lee County; 11-J.H. Rose (won 3-0) vs 22-Southwestern Randolph / 2-Person (won 3-0) vs 31-Western Harnett; 15-Southern Alamance (won 3-0) vs 18-Hunt; 7-Asheboro vs 26-Southeast Guilford (won 3-2); 10-Cape Fear (won 3-2) vs 23-Northern Durham

2nd round (Tue. Oct. 24): 1-D.H. Conley (won 3-0) vs 16-Triton; 9-Union Pines (won 3-1) vs 25-C.B. Aycock / 4-West Carteret (won 3-0) vs 13-Western Alamance; 5-Chapel Hill (won 3-0) vs 21-Northern Guilford /// 3-Cleveland (won 3-1) vs 14-Northwood; 6-New Hanover vs 11-J.H. Rose (won 3-1) / 2-Person (won 3-0) vs 15-Southern Alamance; 10-Cape Fear (won 3-2) vs 26-Southeast Guilford

3rd round (Thurs. Oct. 26): 1-D.H. Conley (won 3-0) vs 9-Union Pines / 4-West Carteret vs 5-Chapel Hill (won 3-0) /// 2-Person (won 3-1) vs 10-Cape Fear / 3-Cleveland (won 3-1) vs 11-J.H. Rose

4th round (Sat. Oct. 28): 1-D.H. Conley vs 5-Chapel Hill (won 3-2) /// 2-Person (won 3-0) vs 3-Cleveland

East final (Tue. Oct. 31): 2-Person vs 5-Chapel Hill (won 3-1)

3A West (rounds 1-5)

1st round (Sat. Oct. 21): 1-North Iredell (won 3-0) vs 32-Western Guilford; 16-West Rowan (won 3-1) vs 17-Sun Valley; 8-West Henderson (won 3-0) vs 25-South Iredell; 9-Charlotte Catholic (won 3-0) vs 24-North Henderson / 4-Cox Mill (won 3-0) vs 29-Piedmont; 13-Kings Mountain vs 20-Alexander Central (won 3-0); 5-Watauga (won 3-0) vs 28-Parkwood; 12-Jay M. Robinson vs 21-Tuscola (won 3-1) /// 3-T.C. Roberson (won 3-0) vs 30-McMichael; 14-Enka (won 3-2) vs 19-Cuthbertson; 6-Mount Tabor vs 27-Statesville (won 3-2); 11-Southwest Guilford (won 3-1) vs 22-Weddington / 2-Marvin Ridge (won 3-0) vs 31-Erwin; 15-Hickory (won 3-1) vs 18-A.C. Reynolds; 7-Crest vs 26-North Buncombe (won 3-0); 10-Carson (won 3-1) vs 23-St. Stephens

2nd round (Tue. Oct. 24): 1-North Iredell (won 3-1) vs 16-West Rowan; 8-West Henderson (won 3-0) vs 9-Charlotte Catholic / 4-Cox Mill (won 3-0) vs 20-Alexander Central; 5-Watauga (won 3-1) vs 21-Tuscola /// 3-T.C. Roberson (won 3-0) vs 14-Enka; 11-Southwest Guilford vs 27-Statesville (won 3-1) / 2-Marvin Ridge (won 3-0) vs 15-Hickory; 10-Carson (won 3-0) vs 26-North Buncombe

3rd round (Thurs. Oct. 26): 1-North Iredell (won 3-0) vs 8-West Henderson / 4-Cox Mill (won 3-0) vs 5-Watauga /// 2-Marvin Ridge (won 3-0) vs 10-Carson / 3-T.C. Roberson (won 3-1) vs 27-Statesville

4th round (Sat. Oct. 28): 1-North Iredell (won 3-0) vs 4-Cox Mill /// 2-Marvin Ridge (won 3-0) vs 3-T.C. Roberson

West final (Tue. Oct. 31): 1-North Iredell (won 3-0) vs 2-Marvin Ridge

3A Championship

State championship (Sat. Nov. 4):

5-Chapel Hill vs 1-North Iredell (won 3-2) -- at N.C. State, 5 p.m.

2A East (rounds 1-5)

1st round (Sat. Oct. 21): 1-Carrboro (won 3-0) vs 32-Trask; 16-Croatan (won 3-1) vs 17-South Columbus; 8-North Pitt vs 25-Fairmont (won 3-1); 9-Whiteville vs 24-Anson County (won 3-1) / 4-Ayden-Grifton (won 3-0) vs 29-Durham School of the Arts; 13-First Flight (won 3-1) vs 20-Northeastern; 5-Midway (won 3-0) vs 28-Randleman; 12-East Duplin (won 3-0) vs 21-West Craven /// 3-Currituck County (won 3-0) vs 30-Trinity; 14-North Johnston vs 19-Bartlett Yancey (won); 6-Dixon (won 3-2) vs 27-East Davidson; 11-NCSSM (won 3-1) vs 22-Richlands / 2-Wheatmore (won 3-0) vs 31-Wallace-Rose Hill; 15-Providence Grove vs 18-J.F. Webb (won 3-1); 7-South Granville (won 3-0) vs 26-North Lenoir; 10-South Lenoir (won 3-0) vs 23-Northern Vance

2nd round (Tue. Oct. 24): 1-Carrboro (won 3-0) vs 16-Croatan; 24-Anson County (won 3-2) vs 25-Fairmont / 4-Ayden-Grifton (won 3-1) vs 13-First Flight; 5-Midway (won 3-0) vs 12-East Duplin /// 3-Currituck County (won 3-2) vs 19-Bartlett Yancey; 6-Dixon vs 11-NCSSM (won 3-2) / 2-Wheatmore (won 3-0) vs 18-J.F. Webb; 7-South Granville (won 3-0) vs 10-South Lenoir

3rd round (Thurs. Oct. 26): 1-Carrboro (won 3-0) vs 24-Anson County / 4-Ayden-Grifton (won 3-2) vs 5-Midway /// 2-Wheatmore vs 7-South Granville (won 3-2) / 3-Currituck County (won 3-0) vs 11-NCSSM

4th round (Sat. Oct. 28): 1-Carrboro (won 3-0) vs 4-Ayden-Grifton /// 3-Currituck County (won 3-0) vs 7-South Granville

East final (Tue. Oct. 31): 1-Carrboro (won 3-0) vs 3-Currituck County

2A West (rounds 1-5)

1st round (Sat. Oct. 21): 1-West Iredell (won 3-0) vs 32-Lincolnton; 16-West Stanly vs 17-South Rowan (won 3-0); 8-North Wilkes vs 25-Bandys (won 3-2); 9-Owen vs 24-Pisgah (won 3-2) / 4-Ledford (won 3-0) vs 29-Surry Central; 13-Foard (won 3-0) vs 20-East Rutherford; 5-Hendersonville (won 3-0) vs 28-East Henderson; 12-Forbush (won 3-0) vs 21-Bunker Hill /// 3-East Lincoln (won 3-1) vs 30-Draughn; 14-East Gaston vs 19-West Stokes (won 3-1); 6-R-S Central (won 3-0) vs 27-Franklin; 11-West Davidson (won 3-0) vs 22-North Davidson / 2-North Surry (won 3-0) vs 31-Smoky Mountain; 15-Brevard vs 18-North Lincoln (won 3-0); 7-Mount Pleasant (won 3-0) vs 26-East Burke; 10-Maiden (won 3-0) vs 23-West Wilkes

2nd round (Tue. Oct. 24): 1-West Iredell (won 3-0) vs 17-South Rowan; 24-Pisgah (won 3-0) vs 25-Bandys / 4-Ledford vs 13-Foard (won 3-1); 5-Hendersonville (won 3-2) vs 12-Forbush /// 3-East Lincoln (won 3-0) vs 19-West Stokes; 6-R-S Central (won 3-1) vs 11-West Davidson / 2-North Surry (won 3-1) vs 18-North Lincoln; 7-Mount Pleasant (won 3-2) vs 10-Maiden

3rd round (Thurs. Oct. 26): 1-West Iredell (won 3-0) vs 24-Pisgah / 5-Hendersonville vs 13-Foard (won 3-0) /// 2-North Surry (won 3-1) vs 7-Mount Pleasant / 3-East Lincoln (won 3-0) vs 6-R-S Central

4th round (Sat. Oct. 28): 1-West Iredell (won 3-0) vs 13-Foard /// 2-North Surry (won 3-0) vs 3-East Lincoln

West final (Tue. Oct. 31): 1-West Iredell (won 3-1) vs 2-North Surry

2A Championship

State championship (Sat. Nov. 4):

1-Carrboro (won 3-1) vs 1-West Iredell -- at N.C. State, 2:30

1A East (rounds 1-5)

1st round (Sat. Oct. 21): 1-Perquimans vs BYE; 16-Weldon vs 17-Franklin Academy (won 3-0); 8-Pender vs BYE; 9-Northampton County vs 24-East Carteret (won 3-0) / 4-Riverside (Williamston) vs BYE; 13-Pamlico County vs 20-East Wake Academy (won 3-2); 5-Lakewood vs BYE; 12-Falls Lake Academy (won 3-0) vs 21-Gates County /// 3-Louisburg vs BYE; 14-Princeton vs 19-Northside (Pinetown) (won 3-1); 6-Raleigh Charter vs BYE; 11-Camden County (won 3-0) vs 22-Voyager Academy / 2-Roxboro Community vs BYE; 15-Cape Hatteras vs 18-Manteo (won 3-2); 7-Bear Grass Charter vs BYE; 10-East Columbus (won 3-1) vs 23-South Creek

2nd round (Tue. Oct. 24): 1-Perquimans vs 17-Franklin Academy (won 3-2); 8-Pender (won 3-0) vs 24-East Carteret / 4-Riverside (Williamston) (won 3-0) vs 20-East Wake Academy; 5-Lakewood vs 12-Falls Lake Academy (won 3-2) /// 3-Louisburg (won 3-0) vs 19-Northside (Pinetown); 6-Raleigh Charter vs 11-Camden County (won 3-0) / 2-Roxboro Community (won 3-0) vs 18-Manteo; 7-Bear Grass Charter (3-1) vs 10-East Columbus

3rd round (Thurs. Oct. 26): 8-Pender vs 17-Franklin Academy (won 3-1) / 4-Riverside (Williamston) vs 12-Falls Lake Academy (won 3-2) /// 2-Roxboro Community (won 3-0) vs 7-Bear Grass Charter / 3-Louisburg (won 3-0) vs 11-Camden County

4th round (Sat. Oct. 28): 12-Falls Lake Academy (won 3-1) vs 17-Franklin Academy /// 2-Roxboro Community (won 3-1) vs 3-Louisburg

East final (Tue. Oct. 31): 2-Roxboro Community (won 3-0) vs 12-Falls Lake Academy

1A West (rounds 1-5)

1st round (Sat. Oct. 21): 1-CSD vs BYE; 16-Uwharrie Charter vs 17-Mountain Island Charter (won 3-0); 8-Hiwassee Dam vs BYE; 9-Pine Lake Prep (won 3-1) vs 24-Highlands / 4-Murphy vs BYE; 13-Mount Airy (won 3-0) vs 20-Union Academy; 5-Gray Stone Day vs BYE; 12-Hayesville (won 3-1) vs 21-Swain County /// 3-East Surry vs BYE; 14-Highland Tech vs 19-South Stokes (won 3-0); 6-Starmount vs BYE; 11-West Montgomery (won 3-0) vs 22-South Stanly / 2-Polk County vs BYE; 15-Chatham Central vs 18-Robbinsville (won 3-0); 7-Lincoln Charter vs BYE; 10-Alleghany County (won 3-0) vs 23-North Moore

2nd round (Tue. Oct. 24): 1-CSD (won 3-0) vs 17-Mountain Island Charter; 8-Hiwassee Dam vs 9-Pine Lake Prep (3-0) / 4-Murphy (won 3-0) vs 13-Mount Airy; 5-Gray Stone Day (3-0) vs 12-Hayesville /// 3-East Surry (won 3-0) vs 19-South Stokes; 6-Starmount (won 3-0) vs 11-West Montgomery / 2-Polk County (won 3-0) vs 18-Robbinsville; 7-Lincoln Charter (won 3-2) vs 10-Alleghany County

3rd round (Thurs. Oct. 26): 1-CSD (won) vs 9-Pine Lake Prep / 4-Murphy (won 3-0) vs 5-Gray Stone Day /// 2-Polk County (won 3-0) vs 7-Lincoln Charter / 3-East Surry (won 3-0) vs 6-Starmount

4th round (Sat. Oct. 28): 1-CSD (won 3-0) vs 4-Murphy /// 2-Polk County (won 3-1) vs 3-East Surry

West final (Tue. Oct. 31): 1-CSD (won 3-1) vs 2-Polk County

1A Championship

State championship (Sat. Nov. 4):

2-Roxboro Community vs 1-CSD (won 3-0) -- at N.C. State, noon