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Area conference basketball tournament schedules

Heritage head basketball coach Tilden Brill III congratulates Redford Dunton (5) during a timeout. The Garner Trojans and the Heritage Huskies met in a nonconference basketball game on December 19, 2017.
Heritage head basketball coach Tilden Brill III congratulates Redford Dunton (5) during a timeout. The Garner Trojans and the Heritage Huskies met in a nonconference basketball game on December 19, 2017. newsobserver.com

Below are the conference tournament schedules and scores for the Cap-7 4A, Northern Athletic 4A, South Wake 4A, Triangle 6 4A, Eastern Carolina 3A/4A, Big Eight 3A, Greater Neuse River 3A, Tri-County 6 3A, Eastern Carolina 2A, Eastern Plains 2A, Mid-State 2A, Northern Carolina 1A/2A, Central Tar Heel 1A and North Central 1A.

Cap-7 4A

Tuesday: at higher seeds

Girls: 2-Leesville Road (won 50-13) vs 7-Sanderson; 3-Enloe (won 46-25) vs 6-Broughton; 4-Millbrook (won 43-33) vs 5-Cardinal Gibbons

Boys: 2-Leesville Road (won 65-58) vs 7-Southeast Raleigh; 3-Millbrook (won 83-39) vs 6-Enloe; 4-Sanderson (won 64-48) vs 5-Cardinal Gibbons

Wednesday: semifinals at Southeast Raleigh

Girls: 1-Southeast Raleigh (won 77-33) vs 4-Millbrook

Girls: 2-Leesville Road (won 63-54) vs 3-Enloe

Thursday: semifinals at Broughton

Boys: 1-Broughton (won 80-71) vs 4-Sanderson

Boys: 2-Leesville Road vs 3-Millbrook (won 84-68)

Friday: championship at Broughton

Girls: 1-Southeast Raleigh (won 60-39) vs 2-Leesville Road

Boys: 1-Broughton (won 60-57) vs 3-Millbrook

Northern Athletic 4A

Tuesday: at higher seeds

Boys: 3-Wakefield (won 56-52) vs 6-Corinth Holders; 4-Rolesville (won 53-46) vs 5-Wake Forest

Girls: 3-Knightdale (won 45-21) vs 6-Corinth Holders; 4-Rolesville (won 62-60) vs 5-Wake Forest

Wednesday: semifinals at Heritage

Girls: 1-Heritage (won 63-15) vs 4-Rolesville

Girls: 2-Wakefield (won 42-27) vs 3-Knightdale

Thursday: semifinals at Heritage

Boys: 1-Heritage (won 70-59) vs 4-Rolesville

Boys: 2-Knightdale (won 59-56) vs 3-Wakefield

Friday: championship at Heritage

Girls: 1-Heritage (won 76-51) vs 2-Wakefield

Boys: 1-Heritage (won 65-51) vs 2-Knightdale

South Wake 4A

Tuesday: at higher seeds

Boys: 3-Holly Springs (won 79-65) vs 6-Fuquay-Varina; 4-Middle Creek (won 79-72) vs 5-Apex Friendship

Girls: 3-Middle Creek (won 51-42) vs 6-Fuquay-Varina; 4-Apex (won 45-41) vs 5-Garner

Wednesday: semifinals at Holly Springs

Girls: 2-Apex Friendship (won 43-38) vs 3-Middle Creek

Boys: 2-Apex vs 3-Holly Springs (won 57-55)

Girls: 1-Holly Springs (won 73-49) vs 4-Apex

Boys: 1-Garner (won 86-39) vs 4-Middle Creek

Friday: championship at Holly Springs

Girls: 1-Holly Springs (won 49-46) vs 2-Apex Friendship

Boys: 1-Garner (won 94-56) vs 3-Holly Springs

Triangle 6 4A

Tuesday: at higher seeds

Boys: 3-Athens Drive (won 64-56) vs 6-Riverside; 4-Jordan (won 89-62) vs 5-Cary

Girls: 3-Riverside (won 70-48) vs 6-Panther Creek; 4-Cary (won 48-33) vs 5-Athens Drive

Wednesday: semifinals at Riverside

Girls: 1-Green Hope (won 53-40) vs 4-Cary

Girls: 2-Jordan vs 3-Riverside (won 62-61)

Thursday: semifinals at Riverside

Boys: 1-Green Hope (won 67-63) vs 4-Jordan

Boys: 2-Panther Creek (won 73-55) vs 3-Athens Drive

Friday: championship at Riverside

Girls: 1-Green Hope (won 63-51) vs 3-Riverside

Boys: 1-Green Hope (won 68-58) vs 2-Panther Creek

Eastern Carolina 3A/4A

Tuesday: at higher seeds

Girls: 2-D.H. Conley (won 73-49) vs 7-J.H. Rose; 3-Eastern Wayne (won 60-47) vs 6-Southern Wayne; 4-New Bern (won 37-33) vs 5-C.B. Aycock

Boys: 2-J.H. Rose (won 83-65) vs 7-New Bern; 3-D.H. Conley (won 58-47) vs C.B. Aycock; 4-Southern Wayne (won 77-66) vs 5-Eastern Wayne

Wednesday: semifinals at South Central

Girls: 2-D.H. Conley (won 46-42) vs 3-Eastern Wayne

Girls: 1-South Central (won 48-38) vs 4-New Bern

Thursday: semifinals at South Central

Boys: 2-J.H. Rose (won 64-56) vs 3-D.H. Conley

Boys: 1-South Central (won 88-50) vs 4-Southern Wayne

Friday: championship at South Central

Girls: 1-South Central (won 59-43) vs 2-D.H. Conley

Boys: 1-South Central (won 94-44) vs 2-J.H. Rose

Big East 3A

No tournament this year

Big Eight 3A

Monday: at higher seeds

Girls: 1-Hillside (won 78-12) vs 8-Northern Durham; 4-Cedar Ridge vs 5-Orange (won 39-27); 2-Southern Durham (won 50-24) vs 7-East Chapel Hill; 3-Northwood (won 44-29) vs 7-Chapel Hill

Boys: 1-Northern Durham (won 68-35) vs 8-Cedar Ridge; 4-Hillside (won 74-29) vs 5-Orange; 2-Southern Durham (won 67-43) vs 7-Northwood; 3-Chapel Hill (won 76-62) vs 6-East Chapel Hill

Wednesday: semifinals at higher seeds

Girls: 1-Hillside (won 65-26) vs 5-Orange; 2-Southern Durham (won 55-43) vs 3-Northwood

Boys: 1-Northern Durham (won 97-94) vs 4-Hillside; 2-Southern Durham (won 73-55) vs 3-Chapel Hill

Friday: championship at Hillside

Girls: 1-Hillside (won 43-38) vs 2-Southern Durham

Boys: 1-Northern Durham vs 2-Southern Durham (won 67-64)

Greater Neuse River 3A

Monday: boys at Cleveland

Boys: 4-Smithfield-Selma vs 5-West Johnston (won 71-61); 3-Cleveland (won 51-44) vs 6-South Johnston

Tuesday: girls at West Johnston

Girls: 4-Smithfield-Selma (won 49-28) vs 5-Cleveland; 3-West Johnston (won 44-20) vs 6-South Johnston

Wednesday: boys semifinals at Clayton

Boys: 2-East Wake vs 3-Cleveland (won 55-46)

Boys: 1-Clayton (won 73-51) vs 5-West Johnston

Thursday: girls semifinals at East Wake

Girls: 2-Clayton (won 47-21) vs 3-West Johnston

Girls: 1-East Wake (won 47-36) vs 4-Smithfield-Selma

Friday: championship at Clayton

Girls: 1-East Wake vs 2-Clayton (won 58-34)

Boys: 1-Clayton (won 64-40) vs 3-Cleveland

Tri-County 6 3A

Monday: at higher seeds

Girls: 4-Western Harnett (won 56-47) vs 5-Triton; 3-Lee County (won 46-44) vs 6-Southern Lee

Boys: 4-Triton (won 68-52) vs 5-Western Harnett; 3-Harnett Central (won 65-56) vs 6-Union Pines

Tuesday: girls semifinals at Union Pines, boys at Southern Lee

Girls: 2-Harnett Central (won 49-48) vs 3-Lee County

Girls: 1-Union Pines (won 41-33) vs 4-Western Harnett

Boys: 2-Lee County (won 66-49) vs 3-Harnett Central

Boys: 1-Southern Lee (won 66-43) vs 4-Triton

Thursday: championship at Campbell University

Girls: 1-Union Pines (won 50-35) vs 2-Harnett Central

Boys: 1-Southern Lee (won 59-40) vs 2-Lee County

Eastern Carolina 2A

Tuesday: girls at higher seeds

Girls: 2-South Lenoir (won 57-19) vs 7-Ayden-Grifton; 4-North Lenoir (won 40-36) vs 5-Greene Central; 3-Washington (won 50-40) vs 6-West Craven

Boys: 2-Greene Central (won 67-23) vs 7-Washington; 4-North Lenoir (won 63-58) vs 5-Ayden-Grifton; 3-West Craven (won 58-48) vs 6-South Lenoir

Wednesday: semifinals at Kinston, Greene Central

Girls at Kinston: 1-Kinston (won 52-34) vs 4-North Lenoir

Boys at Kinston: 1-Kinston (won 61-57) vs 4-North Lenoir

Girls at Greene Central: 2-South Lenoir vs 3-Washington (won 48-46)

Boys at Greene Central: 2-Greene Central (won 84-41) vs 3-West Craven

Friday: championship at Ayden-Grifton

Girls: 1-Kinston (won 52-47) vs 3-Washington

Boys: 1-Kinston (won 61-60) vs 2-Greene Central

Eastern Plains 2A

Monday: girls at North Johnston, boys at North Pitt

Girls: 4-SouthWest Edgecombe vs 5-Farmville Central (won 66-48); 3-North Johnston (won 55-43) vs 6-Beddingfield

Boys: 4-Beddingfield (won 74-64) vs 5-North Johnston; 3-North Pitt (won 60-58) vs 6-SouthWest Edgecombe

Wednesday: girls semifinals at North Pitt, boys at Farmville Central

Girls: 2-Nash Central vs 3-North Johnston (won 48-40)

Girls: 1-North Pitt vs 5-Farmville Central (won 75-61)

Boys: 2-Nash Central (won 65-62) vs 3-North Pitt

Boys: 1-Farmville Central (won 91-60) vs 4-Beddingfield

Friday: championship at Farmville Central

Girls: 3-North Johnston vs 5-Farmville Central (won 63-46)

Boys: 1-Farmville Central (won 79-69) vs 2-Nash Central

Mid-State 2A

Monday: first round at Cummings

Girls: 4-Reidsville (won 58-50) vs 5-DSA

Boys: 2-Carrboro (won 92-58) vs 7-NCSSM; 4-Cummings (won 74-69) vs 5-DSA

Tuesday: first round at Cummings

Girls: 3-Graham (won 64-48) vs 6-Carrboro

Boys: 3-Graham vs 6-Bartlett Yancey (won 56-51)

Wednesday: 1-vs-4/5 semifinals at Cummings

Girls: 1-Bartlett Yancey (won 44-21) vs 4-Reidsville

Boys: 1-Reidsville vs 4-Cummings (won 76-69)

Thursday: 2/7-vs-3/6 semifinals at Cummings

Girls: 2-NCSSM (won 45-27) vs 3-Graham

Boys: 2-Carrboro (won 74-43) vs 6-Bartlett Yancey

Friday: championship at Cummings

Girls: 1-Bartlett Yancey (won 51-26) vs 2-NCSSM

Boys: 2-Carrboro vs 4-Cummings (won 76-67)

Northern Carolina 1A/2A

Monday: first round boys games at top-2 seeds

At Northern Vance: 4-Roanoke Rapids (won 86-54); 1-Northern Vance (won 79-61) vs 8-Louisburg

At South Granville: 3-Southern Vance vs 6-Granville Central (won 79-68); 2-South Granville (won 81-45) vs 7-Warren County

Tuesday: first round girls games at top-2 seeds

At Bunn: 4-J.F. Webb vs 5-Southern Vance (won 61-36); 1-Bunn (won 57-34) vs 8-Northern Vance

At South Granville: 3-Roanoke Rapids (won 50-43) vs 6-Granville Central; 2-South Granville (won 66-47) vs 7-Warren County

Wednesday: boys semifinals at Northern Vance

Boys: 2-South Granville (won 65-55) vs 6-Granville Central; 1-Northern Vance (won 85-78) vs 4-Roanoke Rapids

Thursday: girls semifinals at Bunn

Girls: 2-South Granville (won 74-34) vs 3-Roanoke Rapids; 1-Bunn vs 5-Southern Vance (won 67-52)

Friday: championship at Northern Vance

Girls: 2-South Granville vs 5-Southern Vance (won 75-64)

Boys: 1-Northern Vance (won 70-54) vs 2-South Granville

Central Tar Heel 1A

Monday: at higher seeds

Girls: 4-Chatham Charter vs 5-Woods Charter (won 38-31); 3-Raleigh Charter (won 52-34) vs 6-Research Triangle

Boys: 4-Chatham Charter (won 87-62) vs 5-River Mill Academy; 3-Raleigh Charter (won 67-45) vs 6-Woods Charter

Wednesday: semifinals at River Mill Academy

Girls: 2-River Mill Academy vs 3-Raleigh Charter (won 36-24)

Girls (old gym): 1-Chatham Central (won 54-21) vs 5-Woods Charter

Boys (old gym): 2-Chatham Central vs 3-Raleigh Charter

Boys: 1-Research Triangle (won 88-87) vs 4-Chatham Charter

Friday: championship at River Mill Academy

Boys third place tiebreaker game - Chatham Charter vs Raleigh Charter (won 59-57)

Girls: 1-Chatham Central (won 61-18) vs 3-Raleigh Charter

Boys: 1-Research Triangle vs 2-Chatham Central (won 71-62)

North Central 1A

Monday: at higher seeds

Girls: 2-Vance Charter (won 58-43) vs 7-Oxford Prep; 3-Voyager Academy (won 36-26) vs 6-East Wake Academy; 4-Falls Lake Academy (won 47-39) vs 5-East Wake Academy

Boys: 2-Roxboro Community (won 86-61) vs 7-Vance Charter; 3-Franklin Academy (won 82-56) vs 6-Oxford Prep; 4-Falls Lake Academy (won 62-38) vs 5-East Wake Academy

Wednesday: semifinals at higher seeds

Girls: 2-Vance Charter (won 58-32) vs 3-Voyager Academy

Girls: 1-Roxboro Community (won 54-43) vs 4-Falls Lake Academy

Boys: 2-Roxboro Community (won 77-57) vs 3-Franklin Academy

Boys: 1-Voyager Academy (won 88-48) vs 4-Falls Lake Academy

Friday: championship at Oxford Prep

Girls: 1-Roxboro Community (won 75-50) vs 2-Vance Charter

Boys: 1-Voyager Academy (won 95-62) vs 2-Roxboro Community