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NCISAA spring sports brackets, playoff schedule - 2018

Tyler Carpenter, center, of Durham Academy scores a goal against the defense from Corbin Switzer (12) and Mac Nelson (26) of Ravenscroft. The Ravenscroft Ravens visited the Durham Academy Cavaliers in a high school boys lacrosse game on Apr. 3, 2018. Durham Academy won 7-5.
Tyler Carpenter, center, of Durham Academy scores a goal against the defense from Corbin Switzer (12) and Mac Nelson (26) of Ravenscroft. The Ravenscroft Ravens visited the Durham Academy Cavaliers in a high school boys lacrosse game on Apr. 3, 2018. Durham Academy won 7-5.

The NC Independent School Athletic Association 2018 baseball, softball, girls soccer, boys lacrosse, boys tennis, girls lacrosse, track and field playoff and boys golf schedule.

PrepsNow area teams in bold.

Note: Matchups are listed from top to bottom as they appear on the bracket. The “/” divides the brackets into fourths and “//” divides the brackets into top and bottom halves.



1st round, May 8: Community Christian at Pungo Christian (won 11-1) / Crossroads Christian at Hickory Christian (won 14-4) /// Albemarle School at Northwood Temple (won 9-1) / Halifax Academy at Grace Christian Sanford (won 11-1)

2nd round, May 10: Pungo Christian (won 13-5) at 8-Lawrence Academy / Hickory Christian at 5-Statesville Christian (won 3-1) /// Northwood Temple at 6-Wayne Christian (won 16-4) / Grace Christian Sanford (won 6-3) at 7-Greenfield

Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Wayne Country Day (won 11-0) vs Pungo Christian / 4-Northeast Academy vs 5-Statesville Christian (won 7-0) /// 3-Ridgecroft School vs 6-Wayne Christian (won 16-3) /// 2-Kerr-Vance (won 5-3) vs Grace Christian Sanford

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Wayne Country Day (won 12-3) vs 5-Statesville Christian /// 2-Kerr-Vance (won 11-1) vs 6-Wayne Christian

Championship series, May 19: at Fleming Stadium in Wilson

1-Wayne Country Day vs 2-Kerr-Vance


1st round, May 8: Salem Baptist at Calvary Day (won 10-2) / Carmel Christian (won 11-1) at Harrells Christian /// Concord First Assembly at Coastal Christian (won 9-1) / Gaston Day (won 2-1) at Grace Christian Raleigh

2nd round, May 10: Calvary Day at 8-Asheville Christian (won 6-0) / Carmel Christian at 5-Caldwell Academy (won 4-3) /// Coastal Christian at 6-Cary Christian / Gaston Day at 7-Westminster Catawba (S.C.) (won 9-4)

Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Rocky Mount Academy vs 8-Asheville Christian / 4-Westchester Country Day vs 5-Caldwell Academy (won 11-1) /// 3-Arendell Parrott vs Coastal Christian (won 6-2) / 2-Faith Christian (Rocky Mount) (won 4-0) vs Westminster Catawba (S.C.)

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Rocky Mount Academy vs 5-Caldwell Academy (won 8-5) /// 2-Faith Christian (Rocky Mount) (won 5-0) vs Coastal Christian

Championship game, May 21: at North Raleigh Christian

2-Faith Christian (Rocky Mount) vs 5-Caldwell Academy


1st round, May 8: Cannon School (won 3-1) at 8-Southlake Christian / Covenant Day at 5-Christ School (won 10-0) /// Metrolina Christian at 6-High Point Christian (won 7-0) / North Raleigh Christian at 7-Forsyth Country Day (won 4-1)

Quarterfinals, May 12: Cannon School at 1-Wesleyan Christian (won 9-0) / 5-Christ School at 4-Charlotte Country Day (won 2-1) /// 6-High Point Christian at 3-Providence Day (won 11-6) / 7-Forsyth Country Day at 2-Charlotte Christian (won 9-8)

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Wesleyan Christian (won 4-1) vs 4-Charlotte Country Day /// 2-Charlotte Christian (won 7-2) vs 3-Providence Day

Championship series, May 18-19: at Charlotte Country Day

1-Wesleyan Christian vs 2-Charlotte Christian

  • Wesleyan Christian wins Game 1, 8-3


May 14-15

3A at Pinehurst No. 8

Top 3 team standings: 1-Cannon School (573); 2-Christ School (595), 3-Ravenscroft (604).

Individual top 5: 1. Narayan Mohan, Cannon School (-4); 2. Brandon Einstein, Forsyth Country Day (-4), 3. Lansdon Robbins, Cannon School (-3); T4. Carson Ownbey, Christ School (even); T4. Quinn Riley, Ravenscroft (even)

2A at The Country Club of Whispering Pines

Top 3 team standings: 1-O’Neal School (587), 2-St. David’s (603), 3-Harrells Christian (659).

Individual top 5: 1. Tommy Morrison, O’Neal School (-4); 2. Andrew Wilmoth, St. David’s (-4); 3. Jackson Van Paris, O’Neal School (-3); 4. Fulton Smith, O’Neal School (+3); 5. Carson Castelli, Westchester Country Day (+5).

1A at Foxfire Resort

Top 3 team standings: 1-University Christian (677), 2-Woodlawn (724), 3-Crossroads Christian (738).

Individual top 10: 1. Brandon Jones, Lee Christian (+9); 2. Han Grzeszczak, Woodlawn (+12); 3. Clayton Kolls, Woodlawn (+20); 4. Connor Matthews, University Christian (+22); T5. Ben Wilborn, Neuse Christian (+23); T5. Connor Helms, United Faith (+23).



Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Christ School (won 13-2) vs 8-Cannon School / 4-Charlotte Country Day (won 13-11) vs 5-Ravenscroft /// 3-Durham Academy vs 6-Charlotte Latin (won 11-6) / 2-Providence Day (won 18-4) vs 7-Greensboro Day

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Christ School (won 16-9) vs 4-Charlotte Country Day /// 2-Providence Day (won 11-8) vs 6-Charlotte Latin

Championship series, May 19: at higher seed

1-Christ School vs 2-Providence Day


Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Southlake Christian (won 19-3) vs 8-Davidson Day / 4-Asheville School vs 5-St. David's (won 7-4) /// 3-Forsyth Country Day (won 8-4) vs 6-Covenant Day / 2-Cape Fear Academy (won 18-2) vs 7-Christ the King

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Southlake Christian (won 8-4) vs 5-St. David's /// 2-Cape Fear Academy (won 20-1) vs 3-Forsyth Country Day

Championship series, May 19: at higher seed

1-Southlake Christian vs 2-Cape Fear Academy


Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Charlotte Country Day (won 19-4) vs 8-Asheville School / 4-Durham Academy (won 14-8) vs 5-Saint Mary's /// 3-Ravenscroft (won 19-7) vs 6-Providence Day / 2-Charlotte Latin (won 17-0) vs 7-Cary Academy

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Charlotte Country Day (won 19-8) vs 4-Durham Academy /// 2-Charlotte Latin (won 18-9) vs 3-Ravenscroft

Championship series, May 19: at Covenant Day

1-Charlotte Country Day vs 2-Charlotte Latin



1st round, May 8: Christ Covenant at Community Christian (won 4-2) / University Christian at American Hebrew (won 2-1, PKs) /// Grace Christian Sanford at Greenfield (won 5-0) / North Hills Christian at The Burlington School (won 8-0)

2nd round, May 10: Community Christian at 8-Wayne Country Day (won 3-1) / American Hebrew at 5-Hickory Christian (won 1-0) /// Greenfield at 6-Halifax Academy (won 8-0) / The Burlington School (won 5-3) at 7-Neuse Christian

Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Kerr-Vance (won 7-1) vs 8-Wayne Country Day / 4-Oakwood School vs 5-Hickory Christian (won 3-2)/// 3-Statesville Christian (won 6-0) at 6-Halifax Academy / 2-Lee Christian (won 3-0) at The Burlington School

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Kerr-Vance (won 3-2) vs 5-Hickory Christian /// 2-Lee Christian vs 3-Statesville Christian (won 5-2)

Championship series, May 19: at Campbell University, 11 a.m.

1-Kerr-Vance vs 3-Statesville Christian


1st round, May 8: Burlington Christian (won 3-1) at Carolina Friends / Trinity Academy Raleigh at Cape Fear Academy (won 3-0) /// Rocky Mount Academy (won 3-0) at St. David's / Gaston Day at Davidson Day (won 5-1)

2nd round, May 10: Burlington Christian (won 4-3) at 8-Carolina Day / Cape Fear Academy at 5-Coastal Christian (won 1-0) /// Rocky Mount Academy at 6-Arendell Parrott (won 4-0) / Davidson Day at 7-Asheville Christian (won 5-0)

Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Cary Christian vs Burlington Christian (won 2-0) / 4-Christ the King (won 2-0)vs 5-Coastal Christian /// 3-Fayetteville Academy vs 6-Arendell Parrott (won 1-0) / 2-Grace Christian Raleigh vs 7-Asheville Christian (won 1-0)

Semifinals, May 15: 4-Christ the King (won 3-0) vs Burlington Christian /// 6-Arendell Parrott vs 7-Asheville Christian (won 2-1)

Championship series, May 19: at Campbell University, 1:30 pm

4-Christ the King vs 7-Asheville Christian


1st round, May 8: Covenant Day at 8-Greensboro Day (won 3-2) / Charlotte Christian at 5-North Raleigh Christian (won 2-1) /// Cannon School at 6-Durham Academy (won 10-1) / Metrolina Christian at 7-Cary Academy (won 7-3)

Quarterfinals, May 12: 8-Greensboro Day at 1-Charlotte Latin (won 5-0) / 5-North Raleigh Christian (won 3-2, PKs) at 4-Wesleyan Christian /// 6-Durham Academy (won 4-1) at 3-Charlotte Country Day / 7-Cary Academy at 2-Providence Day (won 6-0)

Quarterfinals , May 15: 1-Charlotte Latin (won 6-0) vs 5-North Raleigh Christian /// 2-Providence Day (won 4-3) vs 6-Durham Academy

Championship series, May 19: at Charlotte Latin, noon

1-Charlotte Latin vs 2-Providence Day



Quarterfinals, May 15: 1-Halifax Academy (won 14-0) vs 8-Albemarle School / 4-Ridgecroft (won 14-6) vs 5-Oakwood School /// 3-Cape Fear Christian (won 6-2) vs 6-Wayne Christian / 2-Lawrence Academy (won 10-0) vs 7-Pungo Christian

Semifinals, May 18: at Oakwood School

1-Halifax Academy (won 13-4) vs 4-Ridgecroft School /// 2-Lawrence Academy (won 9-8) vs 3-Cape Fear Christian

Championship, May 18: at Oakwood School

1-Halifax Academy (won 7-2) vs 2-Lawrence Academy


Quarterfinals , May 15: 1-Fayetteville Christian (won 14-0) vs 8-Village Christian / 4-Arendell Parrott (won 3-2) vs 5-Harrells Christian //// 3-Rocky Mount Academy (won 5-4) vs 6-Concord First Assembly / 2-Freedom Christian (won 10-0) vs 7-Calvary Day

Double elimination play, May 18-19: at Freedom Christian

  • 1-Fayetteville Christian (won 12-0) vs 4-Arendell Parrott
  • 2-Freedom Christian (won 13-2) vs 3-Rocky Mount Academy
  • Elim: 3-Rocky Mount Academy (won 11-4) vs 4-Arendell Parrott
  • 1-Fayetteville Christian (won 3-1) vs 2-Freedom Christian
  • Elim: 2-Freedom Christian vs 3-Rocky Mount Academy


1st round, May 12: 8-Charlotte Country Day (won 4-3) vs Covenant Day / 5-Metrolina Christian (won 13-1) vs Charlotte Christian /// 6-Cannon School (won 3-0) vs North Raleigh Christian / 7-Providence Day (won 13-2) vs High Point Christian

Quarterfinals, May 15: 1-Hickory Grove Christian (won 10-0) vs 8-Charlotte Country Day / 4-Wesleyan Christian vs 5-Metrolina Christian (won 4-1) /// 3-Wake Christian (won 9-0) vs 6-Cannon / 2-Gaston Christian (won 2-1) vs 7-Providence Day

Semifinals May 18-19: split sites

1-Hickory Grove Christian vs 5-Metrolina Christian /// 2-Gaston Christian (won 2-0) vs 3-Wake Christian

Championship, May 19: at Gaston Christian

TBA vs 2-Gaston Christian



Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Oakwood School (won 9-0) vs 8-Ridgecroft School / 4-American Hebrew (won 7-5) vs 5-The Burlington School /// 2-Wayne Country Day (won 7-2) vs 7-Lawrence Academy / 3-Woodlawn School (won 9-0) vs 6-Greenfield

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Oakwood School (won 5-1) vs 4-American Hebrew /// 2-Wayne Country Day (won 5-2) vs 3-Woodlawn School

Championship, May 19: at ECU indoor courts

1-Oakwood School vs 2-Wayne Country Day


1st round, May 15: Epiphany at 8-Coastal Christian (won 5-4) / Rocky Mount Academy at 5-Cary Christian (won 8-1) /// Carolina Friends at 6-O'Neal School (won 5-0) / Carolina Day (won 5-0) at 7-Trinity DCH

Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Arendell Parrott (won 8-0) vs 8-Coastal Christian / 4-Cape Fear Academy (won 5-0) vs 5-Cary Christian /// 3-Caldwell Academy vs 6-O'Neal School (won 5-4) / 2-Carmel Christian (won 5-0) vs Carolina Day

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Arendell Parrott (won 5-0) vs 4-Cape Fear Academy /// 2-Carmel Christian (won 5-0) vs 6-O'Neal School

Championship, May 18: at Cary Tennis Park

1-Arendell Parrott vs 2-Carmel Christian (won 5-1)


1st round, May 15: Covenant Day at 8-Christ School (won 5-2) / Forsyth Country Day at 5-Charlotte Latin (won 5-0) /// Ravenscroft at 6-Cannon School (won 5-4) / Metrolina Christian at 7-Cary Academy (won 5-0)

Quarterfinals, May 12: 1-Charlotte Country Day (won 9-0) vs 8-Christ School / 4-Providence Day (won 5-3) vs 5-Charlotte Latin /// 3-Durham Academy (won 5-0) vs 6-Cannon School / 2-Greensboro Day (won 5-1) vs 7-Cary Academy

Semifinals, May 15: 1-Charlotte Country Day (won 5-0) vs 4-Providence Day /// 2-Greensboro Day vs 3-Durham Academy (won 5-3)

Championship series, May 19: at Lake Norman Tennis Center

1-Charlotte Country Day vs 3-Durham Academy


May 18-19:

3A at Ravenscroft

1A/2A at Campbell University.