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NCHSAA volleyball playoffs, 2014

We have included links to our round-by-round coverage of the postseason. Cardinal Gibbons and Princeton won NCHSAA volleyball championships, while South Granville was runner-up in 2A.

Note: All matchups are listed as they appear top-to-bottom on the NCHSAA bracket with “//” dividing the top portion from the bottom. Scores in parentheses. The higher seed is the home team.

4A East

1st round (Saturday, Oct. 18): 1-Broughton (3-0) vs 32-Overhills; 16-Leesville Road (3-0) vs 17-Southern Alamance; 8-DH Conley (3-0) vs 25-Clayton; 9-Cape Fear vs 24-New Bern (3-0); 5-Green Hope (3-0) vs 28-Ashley; 12-Apex (3-0) vs 21-Fuquay-Varina; 4-Hoggard (3-1) vs 29-Athens Drive; 13-Harnett Central (3-1) vs 20-Pine Forest // 3-Jack Britt (3-1) vs 30-Person ; 14-Laney vs 19-Southeast Raleigh (3-1); 6-East Chapel Hill (3-1) vs 27-Wake Forest; 11-Wakefield vs 22-South Central (3-2); 7-Knightdale vs 26-East Wake (3-0); 10-Riverside vs 23-Heritage (3-1); 2-JH Rose (3-0) vs 31-Millbrook ; 15-Middle Creek (3-0) vs 18-Jordan

2nd round (Tuesday, Oct. 21): 1-Broughton (3-2) vs 16-Leesville Road; 8-DH Conley (3-0) vs 24-New Bern; 5-Green Hope vs 12-Apex (3-0); 4-Hoggard (3-0) vs 13-Harnett Central // 3-Jack Britt (3-0) vs 19-Southeast Raleigh; 6-East Chapel Hill (3-1) vs 22-South Central; 23-Heritage (3-0) vs 26-East Wake; 2-JH Rose (3-1) vs 15-Middle Creek

3rd round (Thursday, Oct. 23): 1-Broughton (3-1) vs 8-DH Conley; 4-Hoggard (3-2) vs 12-Apex // 2-JH Rose (3-0) vs 23-Heritage; 3-Jack Britt vs 6-East Chapel Hill (3-0)

4th round (Saturday, Oct. 25): 1-Broughton (3-0) vs 4-Hoggard // 2-JH Rose (3-0) vs 6-East Chapel Hill

East regional (Tuesday, Oct. 28): 1-Broughton vs 2-JH Rose (3-2)

State championship (Nov. 1 at Reynolds Coliseum): JH Rose def. Providence 3-0

3A East

1st round (Saturday, Oct. 18):

1-Lee County (3-0) vs 32-CB Aycock; 16-Swansboro vs 17-Union Pines (3-0); 8-Fike vs 25-Morehead (3-0); 9-Eastern Wayne vs 24-Gray’s Creek (3-0); 5-West Carteret (3-1) vs 28-Jacksonville; 12-Terry Sanford (3-0) vs 21-Richlands; 4-Asheboro (3-0) vs 29-Corinth Holders; 13-South Johnston (3-1) vs 20-McMichael // 3-Northern Guilford (3-0) vs 30-Williams; 14-Southwestern Randolph (3-0) vs 19-JF Webb; 6-South Brunswick (3-1) vs 27-Southern Guilford; 11-Cedar Ridge (3-0) vs 22-Northern Nash; 7-Triton (3-0) vs 26-Topsail ; 10-Eastern Alamance vs 23-Rockingham County; 2-Cardinal Gibbons (3-0) vs 31-West Craven; 15-Hunt vs 18-Cleveland (3-1)

2nd round (Tuesday, Oct. 21): 1-Lee County (3-1) vs 17-Union Pines; 24-Gray’s Creek (3-0) vs 25-Morehead; 5-West Carteret vs 12-Terry Sanford (3-1); 4-Asheboro (3-0) vs 13-South Johnston // 3-Northern Guilford (3-1) vs 14-Southwestern Randolph; 6-South Brunswick vs 11-Cedar Ridge (3-0); 7-Triton vs 10-Eastern Alamance (3-2); 2-Cardinal Gibbons (3-0) vs 18-Cleveland

3rd round (Thursday, Oct. 23): 1-Lee County (3-0) vs 24-Gray’s Creek; 4-Asheboro (3-1) vs 12-Terry Sanford // 2-Cardinal Gibbons (3-0) vs 10-Eastern Alamance; 3-Northern Guilford vs 11-Cedar Ridge (3-2)

4th round (Saturday, Oct. 25): 1-Lee County (3-0) vs 4-Asheboro // 2-Cardinal Gibbons (3-0) vs 11-Cedar Ridge

East regional (Tuesday, Oct. 28): 1-Lee County vs 2-Cardinal Gibbons (3-0)

State championship (Nov. 1 at Reynolds Coliseum): Cardinal Gibbons def. West Henderson 3-1

2A East

1st round (Saturday, Oct. 18): 1-Croatan (3-0) vs 32-Durham School of the Arts; 16-NC Science & Math vs 17-Franklinton (3-0); 8-Washington (3-0) vs 25-Goldsboro; 9-Fairmont vs 24-Bunn (3-0); 5-Northeastern (3-0) vs 28-Cummings; 12-North Lenoir (3-0) vs 21-Graham; 4-South Granville (3-0) vs 29-Clinton; 13-Farmville Central vs 20-Currituck County (3-1) // 3-South Columbus (3-0) vs 30-Hertford County; 14-Bartlett Yancey (3-0) vs 19-North Pitt; 6-South Lenoir (3-0) vs 27-East Bladen; 11-East Duplin (3-0) vs 22-Dixon; 7-Midway (3-0) vs 26-Southwest Edgecombe; 10-First Flight (3-0) vs 23-Ayden-Grifton; 2-Carrboro (3-0) vs 31-Southern Vance; 15-Providence Grove (3-2) vs 18-Eastern Randolph

2nd round (Tuesday, Oct. 21): 1-Croatan (3-2) vs 17-Franklinton; 8-Washington vs 24-Bunn (3-1); 5-Northeastern (3-1) vs 12-North Lenoir; 4-South Granville (3-0) vs 20-Currituck County // 3-South Columbus (3-0) vs 14-Bartlett Yancey; 6-South Lenoir (3-1) vs 11-East Duplin; 7-Midway (3-1) vs 10-First Flight; 2-Carrboro (3-0) vs 15-Providence Grove

3rd round (Thursday, Oct. 23): 1-Croatan (3-0) vs 24-Bunn; 4-South Granville (3-0) vs 5-Northeastern // 2-Carrboro (3-0) vs 7-Midway; 3-South Columbus vs 6-South Lenoir

4th round (Saturday, Oct. 25): 1-Croatan vs 4-South Granville (3-2) // 2-Carrboro (3-1) vs 3-South Columbus

East regional (Tuesday, Oct. 28): 2-Carrboro vs 4-South Granville (3-1)

State championship (Nov. 1 at Reynolds Coliseum): Hendersonville def. South Granville 3-0

1A East

Note: Chatham Central lost in the first round and Roxboro Community is in the third round of the 1A West.

1st round (Saturday, Oct. 18): 1-Lakewood (3-0) vs 32-Lejeune; 16-Spring Creek (3-0) vs 17-Franklin Academy; 8-Camden County (3-0) vs 25-Rosewood; 9-Voyager Academy (3-0) vs 24-Manteo

5-Pamlico County vs 28-Union (3-0); 12-Northside-Pinetown (3-2) vs 21-Gates County; 4-Riverside-Williamston (3-0) vs 29-Columbia; 13-Granville Central (3-0) vs 20-Southeast Halifax // 3-Louisburg (3-1) vs 30-James Kenan; 14-Plymouth (3-0) vs 19-North Edgecombe; 6-Pender County (3-0) vs 27-East Columbus; 11-South Creek vs 22-Raleigh Charter (3-0); 7-Whiteville (3-1) vs 26-East Wake Academy; 10-Princeton (3-0) vs 23-Bear Grass Charter; 2-Perquimans (3-0) vs 31-North Duplin; 15-Wallace-Rose Hill vs 18-East Carteret (3-1)

2nd round (Tuesday, Oct. 21): 1-Lakewood (3-0) vs 16-Spring Creek; 8-Camden County (3-1) vs 9-Voyager Academy; 12-Northside-Pinetown (3-1) vs 28-Union; 4-Riverside-Williamston (3-0) vs 13-Granville Central // 3-Louisburg (3-0) vs 14-Plymouth; 6-Pender County (3-1) vs 22-Raleigh Charter; 7-Whiteville vs 10-Princeton (3-0);2-Perquimans (3-0) vs 18-East Carteret

3rd round (Thursday, Oct. 23): 1-Lakewood (3-2) vs 8-Camden County; 4-Riverside-Williamston (3-0) vs 12-Northside-Pinetown // 2-Perquimans vs 10-Princeton (3-1); 3-Louisburg vs 6-Pender County (3-1)

4th round (Saturday, Oct. 25): 1-Lakewood (3-0) vs 4-Riverside-Williamston // 6-Pender County vs 10-Princeton (3-2)

East regional (Tuesday, Oct. 28): 1-Lakewood vs 10-Princeton (3-2)

State championship (Nov. 1 at Reynolds Coliseum): Princeton def. East Surry 3-2