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The Chapel Hill Tigers entered the playoffs as the No. 1-ranked team in the News & Observer top 15 for the greater Triangle area.
The Chapel Hill Tigers entered the playoffs as the No. 1-ranked team in the News & Observer top 15 for the greater Triangle area.

Story links to this year’s NCHSAA and NCISAA girls basketball playoffs (with links to our coverage from every NCHSAA round) plus conference championships, state championships and other awards. Chapel Hill's girls won the 3A title while Southeast Raleigh was runner-up in 4A.

Note: final scores each NCHSAA round are in parentheses and the bracket is divided in half by "//."

Conference championship links: Area results include stories from Big Eight, Two Rivers, TISAC and EPIC

NCISAA playoffs Sanford Grace Christian and Durham Academy girls reach semifinals

NCBCA all-district teams Cary's Azura Stevens is a player of the year

Final N&O top 15: Comes out Sunday

N&O All-Metro team: Comes out Sunday

N&O player of the year: Comes out in June

4A East

1st round: 1-Millbrook def. 32-Wakefield (67-41); 17-Fay. Seventy-First def. 16-New Hanover (54-47); 8-Wilm. Ashley def. 25-Clayton (51-38); 24-Fay. Jack Britt def. 9-Scotland County (56-52); 4-Southern Alamance def. 29-Panther Creek (58-43); 20-Lumberton def. 13-Hope Mills South View (47-41); 5-Hillside def. 28-Wilm. Hoggard (67-48); 12-Broughton def. 21-Athens Drive (80-73) // 3-Cary def. 30-Green Hope (63-47); 19-Riverside def. 14-Greenville D.H. Conley (43-39); 6-Fay. E.E. Smith def. 27-Greenville Rose (67-44); 11-Apex def. 22-Wake Forest (54-42); 2-Southeast Raleigh def. 31-Northern Durham (61-48); 15-Jordan def. 18-Knightdale (50-40); 7-Winterville South Central def. 26-Holly Springs (49-45); 23-Wilm. Laney def. 10-East Wake (50-47)

2nd round: 1-Millbrook def. 17-Seventy-First (71-52); 8-Ashley def. 24-Jack Britt (47-39); 4-Southern Alamance def. 20-Lumberton (49-33); 5-Hillside def. 12-Broughton (90-64); 3-Cary def. 19-Riverside (70-62); 6-E.E. Smith def. 11-Apex (49-44); 2-Southeast Raleigh def. 15-Jordan (39-34); 23-Laney def. 7-South Central (58-44)

3rd round: 1-Millbrook def. 8-Ashley (53-48); 5-Hillside def. 4-Southern Alamance (44-43) // 19-Riverside def. 6-E.E. Smith (76-56); 2-Southeast Raleigh def. 23-Laney (44-39)

Regional semis/4th round: 5-Hillside def. 1-Millbrook (70-55); 2-Southeast Raleigh def. 19-Riverside (57-47)

East final: 2-Southeast Raleigh def. 5-Hillside (58-57)

State championship: Charlotte Myers Park def. Southeast Raleigh 61-46

3A East

1st round: 1-Chapel Hill def. 32-Topsail (77-17); 16-Swansboro def. 17-Cedar Ridge (47-28); 25-Rockingham County def. 8-West Brunswick (72-52); 9-Northern Guilford def. 24-Southern Wayne (57-43); 4-Union Pines def. 29-Southern Durham (64-47); 13-Havelock def. 20-Fay. Westover (69-39); 5-Burlington Williams def. 28-Gray’s Creek (72-50); 12-Rocky Mount def. 21-Nash Central (44-36); // 3-West Craven def. 30-Jacksonville (87-28); 14-Triton def. 19-Cleveland (50-45); 6-South Johnston def. 27-Northeast Guilford (71-54); 11-Fay. Terry Sanford def. 22-Northwood (44-40 OT); 2-Northern Nash def. 31-Wilson Fike (62-45); 15-Eastern Alamance def. 18-Wilson Hunt (60-51); 7-Eastern Wayne def. 26-Southern Lee (46-38); 10-Cardinal Gibbons def. 23-Eastern Guilford (60-56)

2nd round: 1-Chapel Hill def. 16-Swansboro (59-13); 9-Northern Guilford def. 25-Rockingham County (72-53); 4-Union Pines def. 13-Havelock (48-43); 12-Rocky Mount def. 5-Williams (45-40) // 3-West Craven def. 14-Triton (86-42); 11-Terry Sanford def. 6-South Johnston (36-33); 2-Northen Nash def. 15-Eastern Alamance (50-40); 10-Cardinal Gibbons def. 7-Eastern Wayne (50-49)

3rd round: 1-Chapel Hill def. 9-Northern Guilford (58-34); 4-Union Pines def. 12-Rocky Mount (62-56) // 2-Northern Nash def. 10-Cardinal Gibbons (59-41); 3-West Craven def. 11-Terry Sanford (59-50)

Regional semis/4th round: 1-Chapel Hill def. 4-Union Pines (64-37); 3-West Craven def. 2-Northern Nash (57-45)

East final: 1-Chapel Hill def. 3-West Craven (46-44)

State championship: Chapel Hill def. Hickory 69-56

2A East

1st round: 1-Reidsville def. 32-St. Pauls (45-16); 16-Burlington Cummings def. 17-Goldsboro (60-47); 8-Wilson Beddingfield def. 25-West Bladen (62-42); 24-Carrboro def. 9-Red Springs (48-38); 4-East Bladen def. 29-Warren County (52-27); 13-North Pitt def. 20-North Brunswick (59-33); 5-Southern Vance def. 28-Newport Croatan (81-33); 21-Elizabeth City Northeastern def. 12-East Duplin (61-54) // 3-Bertie def. 30-Holly Ridge Dixon (61-34); 14-Pasquotank def. 19-Providence Grove (69-44); 6-Kinston def. 27-Durham School of Arts (74-14); 11-Bunn def. 22-Washington (78-40); 2-Northside Jacksonville def. 31-Midway (63-17); 15-Wheatmore def. 18-Franklinton (38-33); 7-High Point T.W. Andrews def. 26-Kill Devil Hills First Flight (88-46); 10-Clinton def. 23-North Lenoir (66-40)

2nd round: 1-Reidsville def. 16-Cummings (50-41); 8-Beddingfield def. 24-Carrboro (77-52); 4-East Bladen def. 13-North Pitt (54-34); 5-Southern Vance def. 21-Northeastern (73-36); 3-Bertie def. 14-Pasquotank (52-21); 6-Kinston def. 11-Bunn (72-41); 2-Northside Jacksonville vs 15-Wheatmore (64-53); 7-T.W. Andrews vs 10-Clinton (79-51)

3rd round:1-Reidsville def. 8-Beddingfield (53-47); 4-East Bladen def. 5-Southern Vance (65-53) // 6-Kinston def. 3-Bertie (64-55); 7-T.W. Andrews def. 2-Northside Jacksonville

Regional semis/4th round: 1-Reidsville def. 4-East Bladen (41-37).; 7-T.W. Andrews def. 6-Kinston (57-56)

East final: 7-T.W. Andrews def. 1-Reidsville (54-41)

State championship: T.W. Andrews def. Bandys 57-51

1A East

1st round (East pod): 1-Riverside Martin def. 16-Southside Chocowinity (86-38); 8-Northampton County def. 9-Jones County (55-41); 4-Plymouth def. 13-Northside Pinetown (67-31); 5-Tarboro def. 12-Manteo (53-51); 2-Gates County def. 15-Camden County (56-27); 10-Southeast Halifax def. 7-Perquimans (43-33); 3-Pamlico County def. 14-Columbia (75-32) // 11-Ocracoke def. 6-East Carteret (41-34)

1st round (Mideast pod): 1-Granville Central def. 16-North Edgecombe (69-45); 8-Princeton def. 9-Whiteville (53-41); 4-East Columbus def. 13-Northwest Halifax (72-40); 5-Wallace-Rose Hill def. 12-Kestrel Heights (43-37; 2-Rosewood def. 15-Rocky Point Trask (71-31); 7-Warsaw James Kenan def. 10-Raleigh Charter (57-38); 14-KIPP Pride def. 3-Franklin Academy (29-27); 6-Weldon def. 11-Lakewood (43-39)

2nd round (East pod): 1-Riverside Martin def. 8-Northampton County (81-26); 4-Plymouth def. 5-Tarboro (57-27); 2-Gates County def. 10-Southeast Halifax (48-37); 3-Pamlico County def. 11-Ocracoke (80-54)

2nd round (Mideast pod): 8-Princeton def. 1-Granville Central (57-44); 4-East Columbus def. 5-Wallace-Rose Hill (47-25) // 2-Rosewood def. 7-James Kenan (52-50); 14-KIPP Pride def. 6-Weldon (49-42)

3rd round (East pod): 1-Riverside Martin def. 4-Plymouth (56-35) // 3-Pamlico County def. 2-Gates County (61-57)

3rd round (Mideast pod): 4-East Columbus def. 8-Princeton (67-66) // 2-Rosewood def. 14-KIPP Pride (64-35)

Regional semis/4th round: 1-Riverside Martin vs 3-Pamlico County (77-49).; 2-Rosewood def. 4-East Columbus (59-52)

East final: 1-Riverside Martin def. 2-Rosewood (75-48)

State championship: Bishop McGuinness def. Riverside Martin 61-58

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