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NCISAA spring sports playoffs, 2015

Ravenscroft boys lacrosse enters the playoffs ranked No. 1 in The News & Observer rankings. Ravenscroft junior Troy Jones (10) advances downfield during a lacrosse game played on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 in Raleigh, N.C. Ravenscroft won 10-7 against Providence Day.
Ravenscroft boys lacrosse enters the playoffs ranked No. 1 in The News & Observer rankings. Ravenscroft junior Troy Jones (10) advances downfield during a lacrosse game played on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 in Raleigh, N.C. Ravenscroft won 10-7 against Providence Day.

N.C. Independent Schools Athletic Association playoff brackets have been updated here with links to our championship coverage. Teams in The N&O’s metro area are in bold.


▪ Ravencroft boys lacrosse takes runner-up.

▪ Cary Academy girls track & field runner-up in 3A.

▪ Durham Academy girls lacrosse takes runner-up.

▪ Cape Fear Christian girls softball wins 1A title.

▪ St. David’s boys golf runner-up in 2A.


1A brackets

1st round (May 5): 9-Halifax Academy def. 8-Northeast Academy; 5-Kerr-Vance def. 12-Northwood Temple // 11-Shannon Forest def. 6-Terra Cela Christian; 7-Wayne Country Day def. 10-Pungo Christian

Quarterfinals (May 9): 1-Greenfield School def. 9-Halifax Academy; 4-Wayne Christian def. 5-Kerr-Vance // 3-Oakwood School def. 11-Shannon Forest; 2-Lawrence Academy def. 7-Wayne Country Day

Semifinals (May 12): 1-Greenfield School vs 4-Wayne Christian // 2-Lawrence Academy vs 3-Oakwood School

Championship series (May 15, 16 at Fleming Stadium): 1-Grenfield def. 3-Oakwood School

2A brackets

1st round (May 5): 8-Trinity School of Durham-Chapel Hill def. 9-Davidson Day; 5-Calvary Baptist def. 12-Westminster Catawba (S.C.) // 6-Northside Christian def. 11-Caldwell Academy; 7-Rocky Mount Academy def. 10-St. David’s

Quarterfinals (May 9): 1-Westchester Country Day def. 8-Trinity School of Durham-Chapel Hill; 4-Harrells Christian def. 5-Calvary Baptist // 3-Arendell Parrott def. 6-Northside Christian; 7-Rocky Mount Academy def. 2-Faith Christian

Semifinals (May 12): 1-Westchester Country Day vs 4-Harrells Christian // 3-Arendell Parrott vs 7-Rocky Mount Academy

Championship series (May 15, 16 at Granger Stadium): 3-Arendell Parrott def. 4-Harrells Christian

3A brackets

1st round (May 5): 9-Rabun Gap (Ga.) def. 8-Metrolina Christian; 5-Providence Day def. 12-Forsyth Country Day // 6-SouthLake Christian def. 11-Cannon School; 7-Charlotte Country Day def. 10-North Raleigh Christian

Quarterfinals (May 9): 1-Wesleyan Christian ef. 9-Rabun Gap (Ga.); 4-Christ School def. 5-Providence Day // 3-High Point Christian def. 6-SouthLake Christian; 2-Charlotte Christian def. 7-Charlotte Country Day

Semifinals (May 12): 1-Wesleyan Christian vs 4-Christ School // 2-Charlotte Christian vs 3-High Point Christian

Championship series (May 15, 16 at Covenant Day): 2-Charlotte Christian def. 1-Wesleyan Christian


1A at MidPines, Pinehurst: Burlington School wins; Crossroads Christian fourth.

2A at Tallamore Golf Club: Westchester Country Day wins; St. David’s second, O’Neal School third, Cary Christian fourth.

3A at The Dye Course at Sedgefield, Greensboro: Cannon School wins; Ravenscroft fifth. Ravenscroft’s Ryan Gerard takes fourth.


1st round (May 9): 9-Greensboro Day def. 8-Durham Academy; 5-Charlotte Christian def. 12-Davidson Day // 6-Cannon School def. 11-Forsyth Country Day; 7-Providence Day def. 10-Cape Fear Academy

Quarterfinals (May 12): 1-Charlotte Latin vs 9-Greensboro Day; 4-Christ School vs 5-Charlotte Christian // 3-Ravenscroft def. 6-Cannon School; 2-Charlotte Country Day def. 7-Providence Day

Semifinals (May 14): 1-Charlotte Latin vs 4-Christ School // 2-Charlotte Country Day vs 3-Ravenscroft

State championship (May 16): 1-Charlotte Latin def. 3-Ravenscroft


1st round (May 9): 1-Charlotte Country Day def. 8-Greensboro Day; 4-Charlotte Latin def. 5-Providence Day // 3-Ravenscroft def. 6-Saint Mary’s; 2-Durham Academy def. 7-Cape Fear Academy

Semifinals (May 14): 1-Charlotte Country Day vs 4-Charlotte Latin // 2-Durham Academy vs 3-Ravenscroft

State championship (May 16): 1-Charlotte Country Day def. 2-Durham Academy


1A brackets

1st round (May 9): 8-Kerr-Vance def. 9-Crossroads Christian; 5-Oakwood School vs 12-Neuse Christian // 6-Wayne Country Day def. 11-Lee Christian; 7-Community Christian def. 10-Trinity Academy of Raleigh

Quarterfinals (May 12): 1-Halifax Academy vs 8-Kerr-Vance; 4-Hickory Christian vs 5-Oakwood School // 3-Woodlawn School vs 6-Wayne Country Day; 2-Burlington School vs 7-Comunity Christian

Semifinals (May 15) at Trinity Academy of Raleigh: 1-Halifax Academy vs 4-Hickory Christian // 2-Burlington School vs 3-Woodlawn School

State championship (May 16): 3-Woodlawn School def. 1-Halifax Academy

2A brackets

1st round (May 9): 8-Grace Christian Raleigh def. 9-Arendell Parrott; 12-Gaston Day def. 5-Harrells Christian // 6-Fayetteville Academy def. 11-Burlington Christian; 7-Grace Christian Sanford vs 10-Cary Christian

Quarterfinals (May 12): 1-St. David’s def. 8-Grace Christian Raleigh; 4-Asheville Christian vs 12-Gaston Day // 3-Cape Fear Academy vs 6-Fayetteville Acaemy; 2-Caldwell Academy vs 7-Grace Christian Sanford

Semifinals (May 15) at Calvary Baptist: 1-St. David’s vs 4-Asheville Christian // 2-Caldwell Academy vs 6-Fayetteville Academy

State championship (May 16): 4-Asheville Christian def. 2-Caldwell Academy

3A brackets

1st round (May 9): 8-Saint Mary’s vs 9-North Raleigh Christian; 5-Wesleyan Christian vs 12-Charlotte Country Day // 6-Metrolina Christian vs 11-Greensboro Day; 7-Covenant Day vs 10-Gaston Day

Quarterfinals (May 12): 1-Charlotte Latin vs 9-North Raleigh Christian; 5-Wesleyan Christian def. 4-Durham Academy // 3-Cary Academy def. 11-Greensboro Day; 2-Providence Day vs 7-Covenant Day

Semifinals (May 15) at Durham Academy: 1-Charlotte Latin vs 5-Wesleyan Christian // 2-Providence Day vs 3-Cary Academy

State championship (May 16): 1-Charlotte Latin def. 2-Providence Day


1A brackets

1st round (May 12): 1-Cape Fear Christian def. 8-Pungo Christian; 4-Halifax Academy def. 5-Terra Cela Christian // 3-Lawrence Academy vs 6-Hobgood Academy; 2-Oakwood School def. 7-Northeast Academy

Double-elimination days (May 15-16) at Campbell University: 1-Cape Fear Christian vs 4-Halifax Academy // 2-Oakwood School vs 3-Lawrence Academy

State championship (May 16): 1-Cape Fear Christian def. 3-Lawrence Academy

2A brackets

1st round (May 12): 1-Arendell Parrott def. 8-St. David’s; 5-Village Christian def. 4-Freedom Christian // 3-Faith Christian def. 6-Rocky Mount Academy; 2-Harrells Christian vs 7-Concord First Assembly

Double-elimination days (May 15-16) at Arendell Parrott: 1-Arendell Parrott vs 5-Village Christian // 2-Harrells Christian vs 3-Faith Christian

State championship (May 16): 1-Arendell Parrott def. 5-Village Christian

3A brackets

1st round (May 9): 8-Gaston Christian def. 9-Cannon School; 5-Providence Day def. 12-Wake Christian // 6-Forsyth Country Day def. 11-North Raleigh Christian; 7-Metrolina Christian def. 10-Charlotte Latin

2nd round (May 12): 1-Hickory Grove vs 8-Gaston Christian; 4-Charlotte Christian def. 5-Providence Day // 6-Forsyth Country Day def. 3-Wesleyan Christian; 2-High Point Christian def. 7-Metrolina Christian

Double-elimination days (May 15-16) at Forsyth Country Day: 1-Hickory Grove vs 4-Charlotte Christian // 2-High Point Christian vs 6-Forsyth Country Day

State championship (May 16): 6-Forsyth Country Day def. 1-Hickory Grove


1A brackets

1st round (May 12): 1-Statesville Christian def. 8-Kerr-Vance; 4-Burlington School def. 5-Hickory Christian // 3-Wayne Country Day def. 6-Lawrence Academy; 2-Oakwood School def. 7-Greenfield

Semifinals (May 15) at Barton College: 1-Statesville Christian vs 4-Burlington School // 2-Oakwood School vs 3-Wayne Country Day

State championships (May 16): 1-Statesville Christian def. 2-Oakwood School

2A brackets

1st round (May 9): 8-Caldwell Academy def. 9-Carolina Day; 5-Faith Christian def. 12-St. David’s // 11-Trinity School of Durham-Chapel Hill def. 6-Rocky Mount Academy; 7-Cary Christian def. 10-Calvary Baptist

Quarterfinals (May 12): 1-Cape Fear Academy def. 8-Caldwell Academy; 4-Arendell Parrott def. 5-Faith Christian // 3-Carolina Friends def. 11-Trinity School of Durham-Chapel Hill; 2-O’Neal School def. 7-Cary Christian

Semifinals (May 15) at Barton College: 1-Cape Fear Academy vs 4-Arendell Parrott // 2-O’Neal School vs 3-Carolina Friends

State championships (May 16): 1-Cape Fear Academy def. 2-O’Neal School

3A brackets

1st round (May 9): 8-North Raleigh Christian def. 9-Greensboro Day; 5-Asheville School vs 12-Rabun Gap (Ga.) // 6-Providence Day vs 11-Charlotte Latin; 7-Christ School vs 10-Forsyth Country Day

Quarterfinals (May 12): 1-Charlotte Country Day def. 8-North Raleigh Christian; 4-Durham Academy def. 5-Asheville School // 3-Covenant Day vs 6-Providence Day; 2-Cary Academy def. 7-Christ School

Semifinals (May 15) at Greensboro Day: 1-Charlotte Country Day vs 4-Durham Academy; 2-Cary Academy vs 3-Covenant Day

State championships (May 16): 2-Cary Academy def. 1-Charlotte Country Day


1A/2A May 16 at American Hebrew Academy: Trinity Academy of Raleigh 10th in boys’; Trinity School Durham-Chapel Hill 9th in girls’; Victory Christian boys and Carolina Day girls crowned champs.

3A May 16 at Cannon School: Cary Academy 2nd, Ravenscroft 3rd in girls’ championship; Cary Academy 4th, North Raleigh Christian 5th in boys’ championship; Providence Day boys and girls crowned champs.