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N&O scholar-athlete: Campbell Edwards, Wakefield boys lacrosse

Campbell Edwards

Wakefield High School

GPA: 5.25

Athletics: Lacrosse

Favorite course: Chemistry

I was fascinated to learn: About life at the subatomic level; the fact that everything in our lives is extremely complex has always intrigued me.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Guy. He taught me AP Chemistry and AP Physics at Wakefield High School during senior year. He teaches the material in a respectable way that I understand very well: through multiple examples, demonstrations, and question answering. Mr. Guy is the most intelligent man I know and he is a great teacher.

Impactful book: “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. This book influenced me to think about the impact that our outlook on life has on our future. After the protagonist figured this out, I started to recognize how I can impact my life in the same way.

It is hard to believe that we used to: Live without the technology we use every day. Communication around the world must have been very difficult.

Favorite charity: Saint Jude’s Children Hospital

World's biggest problem: Terrorism

Who epitomizes what a good American should be: A good American is somebody who cares about others. Americans consist of a melting pot of different cultures that is full of citizens who are always willing to help each other and others.

Whose life inspires you: Dr. Craig Warner. He is the doctor who let me serve as a shadow visitor over the summer. He is an amazing doctor as well as a very sociable, hard-working person.

Ideal guest list: Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs.

Something that you enjoy that would surprise people: Listening to rap music.

I wish I had been there for: The first time that man walked on the moon.