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N&O scholar-athlete: Millbrook’s Delia LoSapio

Delia LoSapio

Millbrook High School

GPA: 4.9

Favorite course: IB Theory of Knowledge (first year)

I was fascinated to learn: The ability of stem cells to cure over 70 conditions and diseases.

Most inspiring teacher: Ms. Foote, second grade at Brassfield Elementary School. Her positive energy and attitude towards school along with her inclusion of physical activity every morning inspired me to challenge myself to always have a positive outlook and to exercise every day to stay active and happy.

A book that impacted my life: “Outliers: Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell. The book is about what makes successful people successful. It has impacted me by making me think about how I can make the most of every situation.

It is hard to believe that we used to: Believe all diseases could be cured with bloodletting.

My favorite charity is: Note in the Pocket. They collect clothes, sort them for quality and then discretely give only the clothes in the best condition to people in need. In a society where opportunities often depend on appearance everyone deserves a fair chance.

The world’s biggest problem is: Indifference. Indifference feeds all the major problems in the world.

Who epitomizes what a good American: Susan B. Anthony. She was active in her community and led the way for women’s rights.

Whose life inspires you: Stephen Hawking

Ideal guest list: Teddy Roosevelt, Herb Brooks, Nelson Mandela

Something that you enjoy that would surprise people: Drinking black coffee

I wish I had been there for: The 1920s in New York City.