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Cap-8 all-conference awards for spring sports

Davis Sampere, left, of Leesville fights over the control of the ball against Steele Lloyd, right, of East Chapel Hill. The Leesville Road Pride hosted a men lacrosse game against the East Chapel Hill Wildcats in Raleigh, N.C. on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Leesville Road won 8-7 in overtime.
Davis Sampere, left, of Leesville fights over the control of the ball against Steele Lloyd, right, of East Chapel Hill. The Leesville Road Pride hosted a men lacrosse game against the East Chapel Hill Wildcats in Raleigh, N.C. on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Leesville Road won 8-7 in overtime.

The Cap-8 Conference has released its all-conference teams in baseball, softball, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse and girls soccer.

Each Cap-8 sport does their all-conference team a different way. Some have a first team and second team, while others just combine the lists into one. Some name a player or coach of the year and others do not.

Boys lacrosse names an assistant coach of the year, while baseball has a “newcomer of the year” category. Girls soccer did not do a player of the year, but Wakefield’s Kat McDonald was named state player of the year.

The six conference championship teams represented in the five lists are: Heritage and Wake Forest softball, Leesville Road baseball, Wakefield girls lacrosse, Broughton girls soccer and Leesville Road boys lacrosse.

Individuals honored as players of the year include: Leesville Road’s Jack Conley and Andrew Papp and Millbrook’s Alex Royalty in baseball; Leesville Road’s Davis Sampere and Graham Holmes and Enloe’s Tanner Hudson in boys lacrosse; Heritage’s Laura Williams and Jordan Gontram and Wakefield’s Erin Fox in softball.


Player of the year: Jack Conley, Leesville Road.

Co-pitcher of the year: Andrew Papp, Leesville Road; Alex Royalty, Millbrook.

Newcomer of the year: Vinny Bailey, Heritage.

Coach of the year: Guy Civitello, Leesville Road.


Broughton: Thomas Walden; Will Baldwin.

Enloe: Ali Nunn.

Heritage: Justin Kunz; Vinny Bailey; Caleb Coyle; Dylan Reget; Blake Walters; Joe Procopio; Ryan Pifer.

Leesville Road: Andrew Papp; Dillon Cooper; Jack Conley; Jakob Arnold; Ryan Sande; Conner Tracy; Tommy Perrin.

Millbrook: Alex Royalty; Reid Herring; Basil Rodts; Bryce Carnevale; Spencer Williams.

Sanderson: Vance Lassiter; Ryan Jeffers; Cory Wood; Walker Lozaw.

Wake Forest: Cole Absire.

Wakefield: Kyle Grewe.

Girls lacrosse

First team

Attack: Casey Sprague, junior, Wakefield; Carol Seigler, sophomore, Broughton; Brooke Elsam, senior, Millbrook; Maddy Ade, senior, Heritage; Maria Codispoti, junior, Leesville; Corinne Newbern, senior, Sanderson.

Midfield: Megan Blawas, junior, Wakefield; Julianne Pretty, junior, Wakefield; Hannah Anderson, sophomore, Wakefield; Farrell Guest, junior, Broughton; Hattie Warner, junior, Broughton; Maggie Ashburn, senior, Sanderson.

Defense: Sam Begin, junior, Wakefield; Sydney Fry, senior, Broughton; Augusta Brook, senior, Broughton; Erin Brooks, senior, Millbrook; Camille Howell, junior, Heritage.

Goalie: Jessica Lynch, junior, Wakefield.

Second team

Attack: Hannah Emerson, senior, Wakefield; Sydney Russell, sophomore, Broughton; Dana Florian, freshman, Millbrook; Becky Mennard, senior, Heritage; Lexi Beaudet, senior, Heritage; Izzie Akers, freshman, Leesville.

Midfield: Haley Cissel, senior, Wakefield; Natalie Broooks, sophomore, Millbrook; Makenna Neubert, sophomore, Millbrook; Megan Alexander, senior, Heritage; Varsha Kulasekarapandian, senior, Enloe; Gabi Tran, sophomore, Enloe.

Defense: Tori Kimball, junior, Wakefield; Mary Neil Hodl, senior, Broughton; Natia Jones, senior, Millbrook; Eliza Hardy, sophomore, Sanderson; Shelby Lattimore, junior, Leesville.

Goalie: Sydney Hardee, junior, Sanderson.

Boys lacrosse

Player of the Year: Davis Sampere, Leesville Road

Offensive player of the year: Tanner Hudson, Enloe

Defensive player of the year: Graham Holmes, Leesville Road

Coach of the year: Chase Kasnowski, Enloe

Assistant coach of the year: Jeff Spear, Leesville Road

First team

Attack: Zach Burgess, Broughton; Anthony Florian, Millbrook; Mitchell Snyder, Broughton; Tanner Hudson, Enloe.

Midfield: Trey Sterling, Millbrook; William Rice, Broughton; Connor New, Leesville

Faceoff: Davis Sampere, Leesville Road; Garrett Hess, Sanderson.

Defense Justin Magin, Enloe; Jonathan Tine, Wakefield; Jack Williams, Broughton

LSM: Ethan O’Neil, Leesville Road.

Goalie: Graham Holmes, Leesville Road; Cameron Elliott, Sanderson; Blake Glenn, Heritage.

Second team

Attack: Caelan Eckard, Enloe; Griffin McNamara, Leesville Road; Reeves Felton, Wakefield.

Midfield: Austin Bell, Broughton; Eric Fitz, Leesville Road; Dan Izatt, Enloe.

Faceoff: Nyles Fleming, Enloe.

Defense: Joseph Winstead, Broughton; Nate Yando, Leesville Road; Gabe Braga, Leesville Road.

LSM: Brendan Sheehan, Wakefield.

Goalie: Andrew Lem, Wakefield.

Girls soccer

Broughton: Meredith Brown, freshman midfielder/forward; Allie Cutler, senior goalkeeper; Kelly Ann Evans, junior midfielder; Sarah Grace Lasso, junior defender/forward; Lily Schneider, junior midfielder; Julia Stevens, junior forward; Carson Taylor, senior defender; Emma Willard, junior forward.

Enloe: Colleen Brown, senior midfielder; Sierra Cartano, junior defender.

Heritage: Naara Mendez, senior midfielder; Julianne Rodgers, junior midfielder; Marisa Sloan, junior midfielder.

Leesville Road: Rachel Golden, junior midfielder ; Shannon Hardy, junior goalkeeper; Madison Hoffman, junior midfielder; Megan Purich, senior defender; Caroline Smith, senior defender; Isabelle White, junior forward.

Millbrook: Rachel Adamkowski, senior defender; Alexa Asher, senior defender; Lauren Griffiths, sophomore midfielder; Brianna Morris, sophomore midfielder.

Sanderson: Katie Crawford, sophomore midfielder; Grace Densmore, freshman forward; Carley Maierhoffer, sophomore defender; Lauren Prakke, freshman defender; Ana Sheridan, junior midfielder; Libby Stancil, sophomore goalkeeper; Taylor Van Dyke, sophomore defender.

Wake Forest: Hannah Dion, freshman forward; Maddie McNally, sophomore goalkeeper

Wakefield: Ashley Skinner, freshman midfielder/defender; Christina McCartney, sophomore forward; Kat McDonadl, senior midfielder; Morgan Nanni, sophomore forward; Courtney Senter, junior defender.


Co-player of the year: Jordan Gontram, Heritage; Erin Fox, Wakefield.

Pitcher of the year: Laura Williams, Heritage.

Coach of the year: Danny Inscoe, Wakefield.


Broughton: English Dean; Reagan Curtis; Bianca Dunn.

Enloe: Andrea Wearing.

Heritage: Jordan Gontram; Laura Williams; Laura Sales; Ashley Ferguson; Haley Lambertson; Imani Rochelle.

Leesville Road: Rebecca Jones.

Millbrook: Devin Williams; Nichole Mooney; Katie Thomas; Catherine Collins; Emiley Burriss.

Sanderson: Nichole Mitchell.

Wake Forest: Chelsea Cunningham; Anna Wolfe; Katy Holt; Cassidy Dahle; Sarah Walker; Jessica Barbour.

Wakefield: Erin Fox; Alyssa Losurdo; Bella Buccellato; Amanda Dacunto.

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