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N&O scholar-athlete: Bunn’s Trevor Gupton

Trevor Gupton, senior, Bunn

College choice: East Carolina.

Overall GPA: 3.7.

Athletics: Football, track and field.

Favorite course: History. It is appealing to me because it tells a story on how and why the world is how it is now. I also find a great interest in wars and the technology progresses from war to war.

World’s biggest problem is: I truly believe the world’s biggest problem is lazy people. People who sit back and take what life throws at them instead of going out and working hard for everything they have. People would be much more cautious with their stuff and appreciative of what they are blessed with.

I was fascinated to learn: As I go on in life I am very fascinated to learn how to become a mature young adult. I have seen many situations where people just quit when times get tough, instead of pushing through and coming out stronger.

Most inspiring teacher: The most inspiring teacher I’ve had is also my (head football) coach, coach (David) Howle. What sets coach Howle apart from all other coaches and teachers is he teaches life just as well as he coaches or teaches school. There is never a day that coach Howle does not push us to our limit to be the best person, student, or player that we can possibly be. I try to model my life on coach Howle as often as possible. He is the most humble person I know and also a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ.

A book that impacted my life was: The book that has impacted my life the most is the Bible. When all else fails I can always find comfort reading it. The Bible tells you to love your neighbor. That means that we should not exclude anyone or show hatred for them.

Who epitomizes what a good American should be?: In my opinion, Bob Frisbee epitomizes what a good American should be. Mr. Frisbee taught here. He, like coach Howle, also taught how to succeed in life as well as in school. Mr. Frisbee loves his wife, is a follower of Jesus Christ, and is the hardest-working man I know.

My favorite charity is: My favorite charity is the Children’s Miracle Network. It inspires me to be thankful for everything I am blessed with and shows me that you don’t have to have all the nicest stuff in the world to have happiness in life.

Is there life on another planet?: There may be some form of living organisms, but I do not think it is human life.

Best movie: When the Game Stands Tall. It shows how as a team and in life you will face challenges. You have to learn how to come out of those challenges and be stronger from them.

Whose life inspires you: Coach Howle and Mr. Frisbee. They show exactly what it means to live life successfully.

Three people that you wish you could meet: I would like to meet J.J. Watt, Michael Jordan, and Jim Valvano. Those three people are some of the most successful and humble people to ever live.

Something that you enjoy that would surprise people: Something about me that would surprise other people is I enjoy talking to younger players and being a role model in their life.

I wish I had been there for: Jimmy V’s speech. Many people say it is the greatest speech ever given.