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N&O scholar-athlete: Joshua Schenck, Knightdale football

Joshua Schenck, senior, Knightdale

College choice: I am interested in the University of Florida and Georgetown University.

Overall GPA: 4.33 right now.

Athletics: I have played both varsity football and varsity basketball.

Favorite course: Math, because it always allows me to think and get the answers to the questions.

Most inspiring teacher: My most inspiring teacher was my fifth-grade substitute teacher, Mr. Pollard, at Wakelon Elementary because he inspired me to strive to be and do the best I was capable of doing and then some.

A book that impacted my life was: A book that impacted my life was “Blood Stain” by Itchie Mu. It inspired my life because it made me see how the “other side” of life was and how I didn’t want to be a part of it.

Who epitomizes what a good American should be: I believe that MLK epitomizes a good American because he brought together a divided nation.

My favorite charity is: Make-a-Wish-Foundation is my favorite charity because it grants wishes to kids dying of cancer.

Best movie: The best movie I’ve ever seen was “All Things Fall Apart” because it showed that you always have to have a backup plan because you never know when God can take away your gift of talent.

Whose life inspires you: My parents lives inspire me because of what they both went through causing them to raise me to the young man I am today.

Three people (living or dead) that you wish you could meet: Ray Lewis, Jon Bostic and Adrian Peterson because they inspired me to play and work as hard in football as I do now.

Something that you enjoy that would surprise people: Watching an anime show, “Full Metal Alchemist.”