Greensboro Grasshopper, a Marlins’ prospect, injured by a knife in ‘silly prank’

The Miami Marlins’ No. 4 prospect Stone Garrett is on the seven-day disabled list after Greensboro Grasshoppers teammate Josh Naylor cut him with a knife in “a silly prank gone bad.”

“Josh was just trying to play a joke on Stone, pretending to be someone with a knife,” said Marc DelPiano, Miami Marlins vice president for player development. “He had a knife in his hand and Stone accidentally grabbed the knife not knowing it was Josh. It was just a silly prank gone bad.”

The prank occurred Thursday night in the Greensboro apartment complex Garrett shares with Naylor, according to DelPiano. Naylor disguised himself as a criminal with an object in his hand. Once Stone realized it was a prank, he grabbed for the object not knowing it was a knife. The knife cut Stone’s right thumb, forcing him to get three stitches.

DelPiano said Grasshoppers manager Kevin Randel was immediately alerted and the matter was handled internally by the Marlins organization. The organization suspended Naylor for a game.

An 18-year-old first baseman, Naylor is the Marlins’ No. 2 prospect. He has been dominant as of late for the Grasshoppers in his first full Minor League season. Naylor is the team leader with seven homers and ranks third in the South Atlantic League with 36 RBIs. He has recorded a hit in six of his last seven games and is batting .262 on the season.

Naylor regrets his actions and will live with the prank for a long time, DelPiano added.

“He’s extremely sorry,” DelPiano said. “He’s made every amends possible. There’s no one that feels more remorseful than Josh Naylor. I think Stone’s aware of how sorry he feels. So it’s just a question of getting Stone healthy and back to baseball activity.”

Garrett’s immediate priority is to return to the field as soon as possible. The 20-year-old outfielder has become one of the most valuable assets within the Marlins organization. Though he is only in his first full Minor League season, he is batting .244 with five home runs. He’s also proven himself as a capable power hitter, recording 15 of his 32 hits for extra bases.

“We care about all of our prospects, and the fact that he’s going to miss time due to this is bothersome,” DelPiano said. “It’s just what happens sometimes with teenagers. They don’t think before they act, they don’t think before they do. Even though all intentions weren’t to create a harmful prank, the worst case scenario unfolded, and it could have been worse.”

Because the injury resulted from a prank with no intent to cause harm, DelPiano said there was no need to involve any law enforcement agencies.

The Greensboro Grasshoppers declined to comment.