Observations: More swelling in May's knee

Sean May has experienced some new swelling on his surgically-repaired right knee. He had a magnetic resonance imaging exam that showed no new damage.

Denver Nuggets coach George Karl said he can't fathom why Raymond Felton's name comes up in trade rumors, regardless of Felton becoming a restricted free agent this summer.

“If they want to trade him, they need to talk to me,” Karl said of Felton. “Not that we need another point guard.”

Bobcats coach Larry Brown actually got Karl into coaching, back in 1974. Brown and best friend Doug Moe were coaching a USA Basketball team on a tour of Russia, and though Karl had no coaching experience, Brown made him an assistant on that team.

Long as it's been since Brown played, first for North Carolina and then as an American Basketball Association All-Star, Karl still remembers how tough and competitive Brown was.

“He would beat the hell out of me when he came home to Chapel Hill summers'' for pick-up ball, Karl recalled.

Brown and Moe's friendship has always been punctuated by the verbal jabs they take at each other. Moe retired as a Nuggets assistant coach this season, and Brown couldn't let that ride.

“Now he's a consultant,” Brown said, “That means he stops here on the way to Vegas.”

Then Brown was asked if he still has any of the bell-bottom overalls he once wore, coaching the Nuggets.

“Doug does,” Brown replied. “He still wears them.''