Bobcats Observations

It's obvious opponents are going to double-team off Jared Dudley and dare him to make jump shots. Dudley did just fine in that regard, making four of his first six attempts against the Knicks.

I wonder if Michael Jordan had any courtside flashbacks, watching Nate Robinson score 24 points in 11 minutes. Jordan's one of the few players who could do that without anyone thinking "once-a-career fluke.

Larry Brown is used to coaching versus teams that once employed him, but this one was different – first game against his hometown Knicks, following the only true failure of his career, fielding questions from the New York media.

Sounded like about half the crowd booed him in the pre-game introduction.

Here's a reflection of how many NBA stops there are on Brown's resume: Twenty-five of the Bobcats' 82 games this season are matchups with the teams Brown has previously coached.

Raymond Felton (strained hamstring) is a quick healer. Tuesday he had trouble just walking. Wednesday he started and I saw nothing lacking in his movement.