Morrison sheds his distinctive long hair

He can still be the 'stache, just no longer 'stache-and-ponytail.

Most of Adam Morrison's hair ended up on some barber's floor. He flipped off the hood of his sweatshirt Tuesday to reveal a brush-cut to teammates.

After the surprise wore off, the needling ensued.

Teammate Jared Dudley said Morrison now looks like Jim Carrey in “Cable Guy.''

Assistant coach Dave Hanners theatrically fell off a chair in feigned shock. Matt Carroll told Morrison that without all that hair, “you're not a bad-looking guy, believe it or not.''

But the best reaction might have been from assistant Jeff Capel.

He glanced Morrison's way and assumed this must be the new guy, forward Linton Johnson, before remembering Johnson isn't Caucasian.

Whatever motivated Morrison to change his distinctive look (one Observer reader dubbed him as a Kung-Fu movie villain) is still a mystery.

He slipped out of practice without speaking with reporters.

But various teammates say they've been lobbying him for awhile to trim back his locks.

“I told him now he's got to get rid of that nasty mustache,'' said teammate Sean May. “Then he's ready to go.''

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